Anchorage Alaska

Go Big. Be Bold.

800 delegates from over 60 countries gathered at the 13th annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) in Anchorage, Alaska from September 19th to the 22nd. The theme, Go Big, Be Bold, resonated throughout the educational sessions, open networking, business meetings, and adventure in the wild places of Alaska before the Summit.

Prior to the start of ATWS, delegates participated in adventures across Alaska, including flights on float planes, kayaking to view glaciers and bears, camping and fat tire biking in National Parks, salmon and halibut fishing, whale watching and savoring the wild and delicious cuisine of Alaska. During these adventures bonds were created and adventures experienced, appreciated and remembered.

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With 3 million lakes, 300,000 glaciers, dozens of vast mountain ranges, over 100 native languages and millions of acres of protected park land, Alaska is big enough to host the 2016 Adventure Travel World Summit. Join the adventure community in Anchorage for a world-class experience in one of the world’s biggest adventure destinations and learn how boldness can change an industry.

The Adventure Travel World Summit 2016 has sold out.



Panel discussions, peer-to-peer sessions and keynote speakers teach you how to make your adventure business the best it can possibly be: successful, sustainable and inspiring.


Pre-Summit Adventures all over Alaska before the conference starts mean that you won’t be indoors the entire time. You’ll be out there -- in the wilds of Alaska -- doing what you love before diving in to the practical learning.


Dozens of writers, bloggers, photographers and editors will be there to tell you what adventure trends, destinations and stories they are covering this year.


Local tour operators, unique accommodation providers and adventure destinations will be waiting at their MARKETPLACE tables for international buyers and operators to team up with. Hundreds of perfect matches are made at the Summit every year.