Welcome to Okinawa, a destination where preserving peace meets honoring nature.

Discover OKINAWA
A Journey into Okinawan Spirituality

Okinawa has a tradition of honoring nature and preserving peace.
On this tour, you will experience the spiritual culture of Okinawa, nurtured on an island rich in nature, and the tradition of mutual support known as "Yuimaru", which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Due to its unique historical background and natural environment, Okinawa has a different history and culture from mainland Japan. The Ryukyu Kingdom once prospered here for 450 years, maintaining peace with neighboring countries. Through this trip, you will come into contact with the customs of Ryukyu, which have always lived in harmony with nature and with the cultures of other countries, as well as the "Yuimaru" spirit (mutual assistance and cooperation) of the islanders, which continues to this day through interaction with the local community. You will also have the chance to reflect on the "preciousness of peace," which is the source of the energy that has made this land so dynamic and dynamic. During AdventureWeek, you will experience Okinawa, with its unique natural history and culture, through all five of your senses.