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ATTA’s AdventureFAMs bring together a vetted group of esteemed travel trade professionals (outdoor-focused tour operators, travel advisors, and media) to travel to a destination and experience a nature-based active itinerary. Destinations receive access to key markets as well as itinerary curation support, while tour operators, travel advisors, and media explore new destinations and experiences they are keen on developing or writing about.

AdventureFAMs reveal promising new active & responsible travel destinations to trade and consumers.

AdventureFAMs leverage exploratory journeys to better connect world-class operators and journalists to destinations.

AdventureFAMs enable destinations to access desired global markets by offering new and relevant experiences to the outdoor buyer and media community.

What to Expect from an AdventureFAM

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As an AdventureFAM participant:

Experience an exciting new destination or off-the-beaten path itinerary on a destination-led familiarization trip. 

Tour operators, travel advisors, and travel media (journalists and content creators) can apply to be hosted on available AdventureFAMs. AdventureFAM participants are chosen by the host destination through the ATTA-provided application process. Once accepted, participants will be introduced to the host destination during an itinerary overview webinar, and participants will then work directly with the host destination on their travel planning and FAM experience. After the trip, participants will be contacted again by the ATTA to collect feedback through a short survey. 

AdventureFAM experiences are not co-hosted by the ATTA, there is no ATTA-organized Marketplace, and an ATTA team member does not travel on AdventureFAMs.

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As an AdventureFAM destination host:

AdventureFAM is for destinations looking to increase their presence within the adventure travel industry.

By partnering with the ATTA’s extensive network of tour operators and media, tourism boards and local suppliers have the opportunity to curate an ideal itinerary that showcases the best of their region. The ATTA’s application and vetting process ensures the destination is partnered with a select group of adventure travel buyers and media who can best help the destination representatives meet their goals through new partnerships and increased visibility.

  • Expose your destination to new, adventure-focused buyers 
  • Tell your story and reach your earned media goals through new media relationships
  • Gain traction in new and/or specific markets
  • Receive industry feedback on your destination and service providers during the trip
  • Develop long term business relationships with adventure travel trade that bring responsibly-minded travelers who spend more money within local communities

Buyers and media who have participated in ATTA’s programs are seeking attractive nature-based activities and outdoor destinations and as a result, have created high-yield itineraries for travelers who bring more value through higher spending with local businesses vs. large international hotel chains and suppliers, minimizing the negative impact in the destination. On average, more than two-thirds of the money spent by adventure travelers stays in the local communities they visit.

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