Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs

What is the role of an “Official Media delegate” at an ATTA event?

Selected Official Media delegates at ATTA’s Adventure Travel World Summit, AdventureELEVATE, and AdventureNEXT events are working media at the event, actively seeking ways to cover the destination where the event takes place, the adventure travel industry, and the other delegates’ destinations and products, as well as participating in an adventure in-destination if offered (varying from half a day to multiple days). Official Media delegates selected for AdventureWeek intensive familiarization trips participate as working media, experiencing adventures in the destination and researching multiple stories for future publications.

Who qualifies to apply for Official Media spots at events?

The application criteria changes a bit for each event based on regional target markets and types of media the host destination is seeking and will be mentioned on the specific event application page. In general, however, the ATTA is generally seeking the following types of media candidates:

  • Freelance Journalists with a proven record of placing articles in mainstream lifestyle outlets or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, fitness, culture or environment/sustainability with national and global reach (print and digital).
  • Magazine or Newspaper Staff Writers & Editors especially from national and regional mainstream lifestyle outlets and/or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, culture or environment/sustainability (print and digital).
  • Travel Content Creators (Influencers/Bloggers) with evidence of regular, current editorial content (i.e., non-sponsored posts) related to adventure travel, outdoor activity, culture or environmental/sustainability issues with a large, dedicated, and engaged following interested in adventure travel-related content (limited spots). 
  • Broadcast Journalists & Producers whose content is broadcast on TV or radio and is related to the adventure travel or outdoor industry. (ATTA events are not ideal for episode production due to limited filming/recording opportunities).

ATTA events generally maintain a much higher ratio of traditional media to travel content creators in the final selection of Official Media delegates. Some events are only seeking traditional media, which will be indicated on the event application page.

Publishers, advertising sales representatives, personal or hobby bloggers, PR agency representatives, marketing agencies, content developers, or video producers do not qualify for official media applications.

What are the costs of attending as an Official Media delegate?

A fully-hosted spot generally includes complimentary event registration, accommodations during the event, economy round-trip air, airport/ground transfers, and a multi-day adventure tour. Trip extensions, upgrades, and luggage fees are not covered.

Partially-hosted media spots may be available with one or more components of a fully-hosted spot. For some events, complimentary registration may be offered with Official Media credentials, but no covered travel costs or adventures. 

Why are there a limited amount of Official Media spots?

The quantity of Official Media spots are primarily limited by budget and to maintain a beneficial variety of attendee’s business interests for the success of all delegates at an event. Event facility capacity could also be a factor in some cases.    Official Media delegates are curated per event, and fulfill a specific role and set of expectations as participants in the event.

Why do you offer any Official Media spots other than fully-hosted?

If partially-hosted or complimentary registration-only spots are offered, it is so we can accommodate more Official Media delegates to meet participation demand. 

How can I be considered for a hosted spot?

By submitting an application. Selections will be made from the pool of applications received.

What are the benefits of being an Official Media delegate at an event?

Official Media delegates receive press credentials for the event and the opportunity to participate and learn about new companies and trends in the adventure tourism space, discover stories from operators and destinations, and form new lasting relationships while experiencing the destination itself. If available, immersive adventure opportunities will give selected media the chance to discover new stories by experiencing the destination’s cultures, landscapes, and waterways through organized activities and tours provided by local operators.

As part of the Official Media role at an event, selected participants are required to participate in media-specific sessions designed to make connections and find story ideas through interactions with other delegates in unfacilitated and facilitated formats. Attending media delegates may also have the opportunity to present at the event if asked by the ATTA. If you are interested in speaking you can fill out a speaker nomination form.

How can I find the application page for an event?

Media application pages for the Adventure Travel World Summit, AdventureELEVATE, and AdventureNEXT events can be located in a drop-down under the “registration” button for the event’s main page. After the application period closes you may find application details under the media tab in the event navigation. AdventureWeek applications are on the event’s main page when they are open.

Are all qualified media applicants accepted?

No. There are a limited number of Official Media spots designated for each event, and many more applications are received than there are spots, especially from travel content creators. It is therefore competitive, and most applications will not be selected. All applicants will receive notice on the status of their application via email, including the possibility of being on a waitlist. The identity of applicants not selected is kept confidential outside of the selection team.

How should couples or partner teams complete an application, and how are they considered?

Applications should be submitted individually. Since Official Media delegate spots are limited by budget and the final curation of delegates seeks to achieve a wide variety and reach, it is challenging to offer spots to applicants working for the same outlet who desire to attend as a team. Whether or not the couple/team would attend an event only as a team, or if they would consider attending individually should be noted in the essay portion of the individual applications. In the event both applicants representing the same outlet are selected as Official Media delegates, it is likely that only one hosted adventure (if available) will be offered to the team, with a second one at a steep discount in keeping with the one-representative-per-company policy for hosted adventures provided by local tour operators.

How are accessibility needs accommodated?

ATTA works with the host destination to accommodate accessibility needs. If you have questions or needs we should know about, please reach out directly at [email protected].

Who determines which media will be attending a certain event, and how do they decide?

The ATTA works with the event's host destination to determine the initial selection criteria, and to go through the evaluation process with the entire pool of applicants.

Applications are initially reviewed for eligibility as a qualified media delegate and for representation from the specific regional markets listed on the application. Eligible applications are then evaluated on their own merits.

The highest-rated applications are then subject to a complex cross-set of criteria to result in a variety of final delegates representing an effective ratio of regional markets, a variety of outlets, topics, perspectives, and types of media (freelance journalists, photojournalists, editors, travel content creators).

Other criteria considered for those final decisions could include: quality of work; topics; reach; diversity of narratives and audiences; whether or not the applicant has been to the destination before; the quality of the essay portion of the application; the willingness to travel in a group and being open to connect with delegates at the event; professional membership credentials; productivity and performance from past events; and how many other ATTA events the applicant has attended recently. 

What is the timeline for application submissions and selections?

The timeline varies per event, but generally open between four and 11 months before the event, and the evaluation timeline runs about four to eight weeks. The timeline and status of the application (opening soon, open, or closed) will be listed on the application section of the specific event site (in the drop-down menu under “registration”). The application is closed during the evaluation process on the date listed on the main application page.

What, if anything, can media do to increase the possibility of being selected as hosted media?

The highest-rated applications are those individuals that cover adventure and sustainable travel regularly with a large audience reach. Other important considerations include quality of work, an engaged audience, and a thoughtful and compatible essay. For those who have attended previous events, their past event success is considered in terms of productivity and engagement with others in the role of Official Media.

What is required of Official Media delegates?

In addition to being working media and engaging as such, Official Media delegates are required to attend the FULL event (all conference days), participate in media-specific sessions during the event, and be active on existing social media channels. Hosted media delegates are required to participate in hosted tours, if available. There is an expectation of resulting stories and content from hosted media. 

What is an ATTA media member, and how are media members considered for events?

ATTA’s Adventure Media Members are individuals who have successfully participated as an Official Media delegate at a previous ATTA event and are eligible to join as an ATTA Adventure Media Member.

Active media members receive direct email notification of ATTA event media application opportunities via the quarterly media newsletter. Active media membership does not guarantee an application will be selected for an event.

You can see more about Adventure Media Membership HERE.

Does Adventure Media Membership guarantee an application will be selected?


Do I need to be a member before applying for an event?


Does successful participation as an Official Media delegate at previous events guarantee an application will be selected?

No. One of the cross-set of criteria used to make final selections is the goal to achieve a mix of ATTA event veterans with those new to the community, which can displace individuals who have participated as Official Media for multiple events. 

What are the other levels of membership available?

Visit our membership section to see other membership levels available.

Are media members or other media representatives allowed to attend an event if not selected as an Official Media delegate?

Yes. Individuals identifying as media are welcome to register as a regular event delegate for the Adventure Travel World Summit, AdventureELEVATE, or AdventureNEXT. Whether a journalist, blogger, or someone who produces, publishes, or sells a media product, attendance at these events is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the adventure travel community while helping promote your company’s adventure products to industry influencers and decision-makers.

If you applied for an Official Media spot but were not selected, or if the media application window is now closed, you are welcome to register as a regular event delegate. If you are an active Adventure Media Member or paid Professional Member, you qualify for the regular member registration fee. Regular event delegates do not receive the benefits or designation of the Official Media delegates, nor expected to meet media delegate requirements.

For most events, local and regional media (radio, newspaper, television) seeking to attend may be eligible for a media day pass granting access to select sessions and/or events. To inquire, email [email protected].