Virtual AdventureConnect

Sold Out!

We are saddened by the news that ITB Berlin has been canceled due to concerns around the coronavirus, however nothing can stop the adventure community from gathering so please join us for our first-ever digital AdventureConnect. On Thursday 05 March 2020, join us by video conference to gain new perspectives on safety and risk management and to share your opinions on this important topic. Time will also be spent discussing the COVID-19 virus REGISTER NOW Agenda New Perspectives on Safety and Risk Management: how do the climate crisis, overtourism, peer economy and technology change risk management in adventure travel? Our industry is being reshaped by disruptive forces such as the COVID-19 (coronavirus), fast rise of the peer to peer economy, mind-spinning developments in technology, overtourism and the climate crisis to name a few. In addition to the many other changes triggered by these powerful forces, the big moving pieces such as overtourism, the climate crisis, unsustainable growth, the peer economy, the emancipated by technology traveler, etc. are redefining an important pillar of our industry - safety. What does that mean? For example:
  • Climate change and extreme weather are source of new risks that travelers can face during their travels, which requires new forms of preparedness of destinations and service providers (as well as new ways of communicating and educating travelers)
  • Overtourism is producing higher risk of overcrowding, unstable infrastructure, traffic accidents, etc. as well as higher risk of destruction and damage for the destinations
  • Peer -to-peer economy has transformed the richness of the traveler experience landscape but may expose travelers to higher-risk situations in cases where trip leaders lack training or do not take appropriate safety measures 
  • Technology that has liberated  travelers and offered a sense of freedom and access to places that may pose  higher risk when relevant preparedness measures are not taken (for example, instances of “insta-effect”  when travelers are take risks and are injured or die in order to capture an image places for a picture)
The event, in partnership with PromPeru, will include time for questions and digital interaction. Save your spot now! This event was sold out in Berlin, but is now switching to a virtual platform so there is room for more members of our community to join in this discussion.  REGISTER NOW  
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