Empower Your Edge

Bringing the theme of AdventureELEVATE 2018, Empower Your Edge, to life, this presentation will show you how to define and cultivate the strength found at your own personal edge. Delivered by an executive with proven leadership success as the CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, and the CEO of Pepsi Middle East and Canada, and now chairman of UK’s Beattie Group and Canada’s Beattie Tartan Integrated Communications team, Kevin Roberts will share an inspiring approach to leadership, offering stories from his own companies that illustrate how all businesses can deliver peak performance through leadership, whereby every person at an organization is a leader driven by purpose.

Shaping Customer Experience For Tomorrow's Adventure Traveler

Adventure industry practitioners balance a complex set of needs every time they write an article, design a trip, develop a marketing campaign or plan a destination development strategy. Conservation needs, cultural considerations, business management, technology trends and a healthy dose of humanity – all are factors that must be taken into account in order to deliver the ultimate customer experience that keeps businesses growing.

This all-hands-on-deck workshop blends research, analysis, psychology, and management consulting with a hearty dose of audience participation, exploring what customer experience means for your business, how to craft it, and how to keep it vibrant.

Unlocking Endless Creativity at the Edge

National Geographic, with its longstanding history of fabulous photography, well understands how the right image can be a conversation starter, a challenge, a plea, a catalyst, or a call to action. Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Anne Farrar is the Director of Photography at National Geographic Traveler and has built a career around storytelling through images. In our closing presentation for AdventureELEVATE 2018, Anne shares how, in a world cluttered with travel photography, she is able to keep this iconic media brand living up to its audience’s expectations by continually accessing the power and creativity found when wandering into the unknown.