AdventureELEVATE is a chance for adventure travel industry businesses to share experiences, best practices, stories, and build your networks. Along the way, we gain fresh ideas for making our businesses and traveler experiences even better.

Creative Leadership: Tackling Thorny Problems With the Designer’s Toolkit

In this interactive session, Clark Scheffy, from the award-winning global design firm IDEO, shares techniques for creative leadership, guiding the audience through the designer’s approach to creative problem solving.

Gain perspectives and tools for thinking about business problems differently, allowing teams to generate unexpected, creative, and winning solutions. In this presentation and workshop you’ll access tools that bring great ideas to action for lasting impact in your business. You’ll work in groups to practice aspects of the process and come away with new strategies to apply in business right away.

Adventure’s Future with Indigenous Communities

What role do indigenous communities play in the ongoing growth and evolution of the adventure industry? We’ll learn how an experience of culture and nature available through connections with indigenous people can foster authenticity and connection to place for adventure travel products. In addition, the connection with adventure travel companies may provide growth and opportunity for communities who welcome it. In this session two indigenous speakers share their inspiring stories along with ideas and insights for working productively with indigenous people.