AdventureELEVATE Europe

Media Application Closed

Media applications closed on 8 March.

This application closed on 8 March 2024. Applications will be evaluated and final selections will be made by the end of March 2024.

Thank you for your interest in applying to be considered as one of the official media delegates at AdventureELEVATE Europe 2024 in Kitzbühel.

AdventureELEVATE Europe gives attending media the opportunity to discover the unique natural and cultural resources and activities in Kitzbühel and the surrounding region in Austria. Selected official media delegates will have the opportunity to discover stories through an immersive multi-day adventure tour and through connections with regional suppliers at Marketplace, as well as find inspiration in learning about the value and development of adventure travel through speakers and workshops at the event.

The final selected official media delegates will receive complimentary event registration, accommodations during the event, ground transfers, a Day of Adventure, and a multi-day experiential adventure at no cost.


If selected, the entire trip length will vary in duration from 8-9 days total, depending on the final selection of Pre-Adventure tour options plus the travel time from your origin city. Tour selections will be made after media selections and registrations are complete.

The event itself is 21-23 May, with return departures on May 24.

Selected media are required to attend the duration of the event, with no early departures.

Who should apply

The ATTA and our hosts are seeking 15 official media delegates, both fully-hosted (10) and partially-hosted (5). We are considering media who have an active interest in creating and publishing stories about adventure, responsible, and sustainable travel in Kitzbühel, Tyrol and the Trentino region who are specifically based in (and/or writing for audiences in):

    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Scandinavian countries
    • Italy
    • United States

Applications will be considered and reviewed with the destination partner, with the goal to host a diverse group of media who specialize in adventure and sustainable travel stories, including:

    • Freelance Journalists with a proven record of placing articles in mainstream lifestyle outlets or verticals focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, fitness, culture, or environment/sustainability with national and global reach (print and digital).
    • Magazine, Newspaper, or Digital Staff Writers & Editors especially from mainstream lifestyle outlets and/or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, culture, or environment/sustainability with national and global reach.
    • Travel Content Creators (Influencers/Bloggers) with evidence of regular, current editorial content (i.e., non-sponsored posts) related to adventure travel, outdoor activity, culture, or environmental/sustainability issues with a large, dedicated, and engaged following interested in adventure travel-related content (limited spots).
    • Broadcast Journalists & Producers whose content is broadcast on TV or radio and is related to the adventure travel or outdoor industry (this event is not an ideal fit for strictly on-camera talent due to very limited filming opportunities).

Publishers, advertising sales representatives, personal or hobby bloggers, PR agency representatives, marketing agencies/content developers, and film/video producers are not eligible to apply as an Official Media delegate.

Role and expectations if your application is selected:

All official media delegates are expected to be “working media” meaning whether a freelance journalist, editor, or travel content creator, you will be actively looking for ways to cover the host destination, the adventure travel industry, and attending delegate’s destinations and products.

ALL selected Official Media Delegates (hosted and discounted) are:

    • Required to attend Marketplace and media-specific sessions during the event, designed to network with other delegates in facilitated and unfacilitated formats to connect traditional media with story ideas, and travel content creators with potential content partners. 
    • Required to participate in a multi-day Pre-Adventure in Austria.
    • Expected to attend the FULL event (21-23 May: Day of Adventure and all conference days, no early departures).
    • Expected to publish stories and content about your experience on adventures.
    • Expected to be active on social media during the event and any related adventures.
    • Expected to answer surveys sent by the ATTA.
    • Follow local safety and health protocols and obtain travel insurance for the trip.

Fully-Hosted and Partially-Hosted Spots:
In the interest of accommodating more official media delegates, there are partially-hosted spots available in addition to fully-hosted spots. The same application serves for both. Partially-hosted spots will be curated with selections and offers made from the pool of applications received.

All Official Media Delegates Receive:

    • Complimentary event registration (including Day of Adventure)
    • Official Media credentials and role at the event
    • Accommodations during the event
    • A complimentary 4-5 day Pre-Adventure (PA) in Austria.

Travel costs to the destination will be covered for fully-hosted media; partially-hosted media will need to cover their own travel costs to the destination. All media are required to participate in a Pre-Adventure.

    • Media selections will be made from the pool of applications received.
    • All applications will be considered, reviewed, and selected with the destination partner.
    • After initial evaluation, criteria used in the final media curation and selection includes:
        • Representation from the specific countries listed above (limited per country).
        • A diversity of types of media, specialties/topics covered, narratives, audiences, and outlets, with a higher ratio of traditional media to influencers & bloggers.
        • A mix of media new to ATTA events with those who have attended prior events.
    • Due to the large number of applications typically received for a limited number of spots, not all qualified applicants can be selected.
    • You will receive an email from the ATTA informing you of the status of your application. 
    • More questions? See our Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs

This application closed on 8 March 2024. Applications will be evaluated and final selections will be made by the end of March 2024.