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Welcome to the captivating realm of the Tyrol Alps, where adventure beckons against a backdrop of majestic peaks, charming towns, and a rich tapestry of alpine culture. In this Alpine trilogy, we embark on a journey through Innsbruck and Trentino, each destination offering a unique blend of outdoor pursuits and cultural treasures.

Our exploration begins in the heart of the Tyrol region, where the Tyrol Alps stand proudly, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a playground of possibilities. From adrenaline-pumping winter sports to serene summer hikes, this picturesque landscape sets the stage for unforgettable adventures.

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, emerges as a vibrant hub nestled amidst snow-capped peaks. A city with a rich imperial history, Innsbruck seamlessly combines urban sophistication with alpine allure. Immerse yourself in the city's cultural gems, from the iconic Golden Roof to the regal Imperial Palace, before venturing into the surrounding mountains for world-class skiing and breathtaking vistas.

Crossing into the Italian region of Trentino, the landscape transforms, revealing the Dolomites in all their glory. Here, nature becomes a canvas for exploration, offering an array of hiking and biking trails that wind through charming villages and meandering valleys. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda add a touch of tranquility to the adventure, creating a harmonious blend of alpine and Mediterranean influences.

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Tirol (in general) (ggf. Kufstein)

During this trip you will enjoy the Tirolean/Austrian side of the Alps, discovering the mountains and history at the same time.

You will stay in a cozy alpine accommodation and experience the scenic nature of the Tirolean Alps with a stunning landscape.

You will have a chance to explore the traditions of the region, the history mixed with some outdoor activities and also get the chance to taste some culinary delights.


During this trip, you will enjoy the alpine urban mix of Tirol! Discover diversity in Innsbruck and its surrounding regions!

You will stay in a traditional accommodation during your first days in Innsbruck, where the old city history awaits you paired with some scenic nature during your hike to a cozy hut!

You will also get the chance to explore traditional villages and farms by e-bike and some nature watching in the Karwendel Alps. There, you will stay in a sustainable family hotel while learning a lot about the owners' traditions and habits!


During this trip you will enjoy the Italian side of the Alps, experiencing both the Mediterranean flair and the alpine charm of Trentino. 

You will stay in chic accommodation and discover the beauty of our lakes and the amazing Dolomites, a World Heritage Site. You will have a chance to explore traditional villages and farms by e-bike, hike the vineyards and enjoy the Italian atmosphere (and gastronomic offer). In the process, you will get a taste of the Trentino lifestyle, while learning something about the true spirit of the locals who inhabit our land.

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