9:00 AM – 12:00 PM • 11 May 2023

AdventureExchange is your best opportunity to connect one-on-one in pre-scheduled meetings with other delegates at AdventureELEVATE.

All delegates (tour operators, media, destinations, adventure travel industry professionals, adventure gear partners) will have an opportunity to select priority meetings with each other.

With a total of eleven 12-minute appointment times available per delegate and no concurrent sessions during AdventureExchange, this networking event brings high value for delegates seeking to connect one-on-one with specific attendees they’ve identified as targets for potential business partnerships.

How to pre-schedule your AdventureExchange meetings:


Create Your Profile

Starting April 3

From the 3th of April, all registered delegates get access to our event networking website.

First, complete your profile so others know who you are and where you do business. Upload a photo so they will recognize you in person.


Rank Other Attendees

April 3 - April 19

During the pre-scheduling phase, browse the attending delegate list to rank the attendees you want to meet.

You can rate as follows:

  • Must Meet - I absolutely want to meet this person
  • Meet - It would be nice if I can meet this person
  • No Thanks - I don’t want to meet this person


Your Schedule Is Created

April 20 - April 26

Our automated meeting scheduler uses the information you’ve provided on who you want to meet with to create your schedule.


Receive Your Schedule

April 26 - May 2

The 26th of April, your preliminary personal schedule is added to your account on the event app. You have 2 days to request any changes to the schedule.

The 2nd of May, your final schedule is added to your account.

How to meet at AdventureExchange?

For those who created pre-scheduled meetings:

On the day of AdventureExchange, use your schedule to find the table number for each meeting and start networking. Each meeting is 12 minutes long with 3 minutes in between meetings to change tables.

For those who did not create pre-scheduled meetings:

Whether you missed the pre-schedule phase for AdventureExchange or chose not to rate other delegates, there is still a place for you to meet others and connect. At our community tables, you can grab a coffee and meet up with anyone else that’s around.

How to ensure high-quality meetings?

Activate your profile on time

Only attendees who login to the event app by April 19th will be able to participate in pre-scheduled meetings. If you login after the 19th, you'll need to secure meetings during AdventureExchange on your own.

Complete your profile

To ensure you'll get the best recommendations you'll need to complete the onboarding questions as fully as possible. The more you share with the system, the better the system ‘learns’ what you are looking for and the better recommendations you will have.

Block your agenda

If you do not want to participate in pre-scheduled meetings at AdventureExchange; block your schedules during that time.