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252 adventure travel industry professionals from 30 countries gathered from June 10-12 for the fifth annual AdventureELEVATE in the beautiful region of Lake George, NY. Considered one of North America’s most important and practical professional adventure travel events, the AdventureELEVATE invited participants to turn a sharp eye toward the evolving industry dynamics affecting your professional and personal life each and every day.The intimate, tightly focused event wove together interactive workshops, inspiring plenary discussions, and networking opportunities with plenty of time for fresh air and adventurous exploration in and around Lake George. Manifesting the event theme AWAKE, delegates walked away feeling reinvigorated, ready to approach their businesses from a newperspective.

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Waking Up to Fresh Perspectives at AdventureELEVATE

Feel a deep, clean breath fill your lungs. Stretch your tight muscles — a reminder from a picture-perfect day of kayaking. Blink away the last webs of sleep as the morning sun filters through the towering fir trees and warms your skin. Capture this moment of total and complete clarity. You are AWAKE.

Welcome to upstate New York’s lake region: Birthplace of the North American conservation movement, site of pristine waterways and meandering hiking trails, and home to the 6 million acre Adirondack Park — the largest park in the United States. At its heart lies the Lake George region, a historic destination with an energetic pulse and host to AdventureELEVATE 2019.

Considered one of North America’s most important and practical professional adventure travel events, the fifth annual AdventureELEVATE invites you to turn a sharp eye toward the evolving industry dynamics affecting your professional and personal life each and every day. This intimate, tightly focused event weaves together interactive workshops, inspiring plenary discussions, and networking opportunities with plenty of time for fresh air and adventurous exploration in and around Lake George. Manifesting the event theme AWAKE, delegates will walk away feeling reinvigorated, ready to approach their businesses from a new perspective.


The adventure community of small business owners and managers are a welcoming group of passionate and empowered leaders. It’s easy to become isolated our each of our day-to-day demands; but — as we hear at every AdventureELEVATE — connecting with peers is a clear way share common problems, ideate on solutions, forge creative partnerships, and unite in our commitment to change lives through travel.

Complementing the unstructured networking time throughout ELEVATE and the Day of Adventure, AdventureExchange returns again in 2019 with pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments, providing dedicated time to get down to brass tacks with your most appropriate contacts.

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Upstate New York’s lake region crackles with possibility for those who are awake and attentive to its potential. The birthplace of the North American conservation movement and a getaway for naturalists and explorers since the 1870s when it was popularized by the guidebook Adventures in the Wilderness, Lake George welcomes AdventureELEVATE delegates in 2019 for a fresh taste of adventure and an opportunity to connect with their purpose and each other. With the theme, AWAKE, the event offers delegates sharp perspective on the trends and industry dynamics affecting our businesses and personal lives each day. The event promises delegates a fresh perspective and new connections: an awakening.

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The Day of Adventure

June 10th is the Day of Adventure in Lake George for AdventureELEVATE delegates. Experience Lake George and surrounding Adirondack Park through a variety of activities. But don’t let the fun fool you — the Day of Adventure is networking in disguise as you exchange business cards with your fellow adventure travel pros.

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Lake George

The Original Vacation: The Lake George Area is the birthplace of the American vacation

In the mid-1800s, the Adirondacks were an undiscovered natural treasure. Hidden ponds with mirror surfaces teemed with native rainbow trout. White-tailed deer roamed the shores of silent waterways. Towering mountains streaked with ridgelines climaxed at stunning panoramas of the wooded landscape below.

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10 Fun Trails in the Lake George Area

The Lake George Area has a great variety of trails. There are trails up mountains that offer views of the Lake George, the Adirondacks and Vermont; trails though wetlands; trails accessible by hikers and bikers; paved trails; and quick accessible trails perfect for a quick workout.

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Your Guide to Lake George

Known as one of the best vacation spots in America, Lake George truly has it all. Spend time exploring the rich history of the French and Indian War, tackling challenging hikes, and lounging on beautiful beaches that will make you wish you could stay forever. It’s a family-friendly town and lends itself to people of all interests who want to visit the Adirondack Park.

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