Exhibitor Information

AdventureELEVATE Partners, we are pleased to welcome you to Eugene, Oregon this May. This page contains information relative to your partner participation in AdventureELEVATE in Eugene, 3-5 May, 2022. We hope you find it helpful!

Event Platform

The event platform used for AdventureELEVATE is called Eventtia. To make sure you receive important notifications, please make sure you have added Eventtia to your safe senders’ list.

The AdventureELEVATE networking platform will open on 5 April. You’ll receive a welcome email from the platform with instructions on how to login and set up your profile. For information about the AdventureExchange, please see below.

If you have trouble navigating through the platform, please review the FAQs on the event platform, where you can also ask questions – or email [email protected].

Eventtia does not have a mobile app, so during the event you will need to open the event information in a browser on your mobile device or laptop. This is where you will be able to network with delegates, see the full agenda, and much more.

Presentation and Video Submission Deadline: (for partners with speaking time)

Please provide us with the speaker’s name, the title of the presentation, the presentation deck in PowerPoint or Keynote as well as the video you would be showing no later than 8 April.

PLEASE NOTE: The ATTA is not responsible for presentation issues if your presentation flow and files are not received at least three weeks before the event.

Logo Exposure

Your logo is live on the ATTA partners website and on the AdventureELEVATE page. If you don’t see your logo or if you would like to use a different logo, please send us an EPS and PNG version of your logo and we can replace it.

We do not hand out printed programs in order to eliminate as much printed waste as possible at our events, but your logo will be on any appropriate event banners, if we print them, and on screen.

Sampling Opportunity / Giveaways:

According to your contract, you have the opportunity to provide giveaways and other goodies, an excellent method to gain a little extra exposure. Please let us know if you will be giving anything away no later than 8 April.

Partner Networking Space

For your partner networking space you will have a 30 inches/76 cm round cocktail table with a tablecloth set up near the main session rooms of the event venue. This is where all partner networking tables are placed so that delegates can pass through and learn about our partners, see your materials, etc. This is also where the networking breaks happen. Delegates get coffee/snacks and walk around the area during the breaks between sessions, and in mornings before sessions begin. You may bring one pop up banner as well as marketing materials, giveaways/goodies/etc to place on your table for the duration of the AdventureELEVATE event. Food & Beverage sampling is okay at partner tables, however, any food or beverage dispensed or given away at your partner networking table must be supplied and prepared by the hotel staff. Individually wrapped store bought candy and unopened alcohol is acceptable. For table banners we recommend a standard pop up banner (narrow and tall, no wider than 3 feet for width of banner). Alternatively, to save space, you can use one with a QR code like the one pictured here!

Here is a photo from a past event that gives you an idea of what to expect of the space: 2019 AdventureELEVATE Partner Networking Space. Unless ordered by you ahead of time (see below “Electrical Power Outlets”), there is no guarantee of electrical power outlets by your table.

Set-Up: Tuesday, 3 May from 12:00pm -5:00pm. We recommend that you set up your partner networking table on Tuesday 3 May by 5:00pm.

Tear-Down: Thursday, 5 May after the closing session, from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

AdventureExchange Sessions

AdventureExchange (5 May, 9:00am – 12:00pm) ratings for your pre-scheduled meetings will open on the Eventtia platform on 5 April. Rating will close on 22 April. We will provide you your list of appointments by 26 April. If your partnership includes an AdventureExchange destination table delegates will come to meet with you at your table. Your AdventureExchange table will be a rectangular table 72” x 30” (182 cm x 76 cm) set up with a table-cloth. Unless ordered by you ahead of time (see below “Electrical Power Outlets”), there is no guarantee of electrical power outlets by your table. To reduce the number of materials that you bring to the event, we suggest you use your pop-up banner for both your partner networking table and AdventureExchange table. Please be sure to have your table set up at the start of the session, by 9:00 am. You will be provided the exact location of your table and may set up your table one hour before the start of the event. ATTA staff will be there to greet you and show you to your table.

A few important notes:

  • Due to the limitations of the platform, your AdventureExchange table number listed as the meeting location will be visible throughout the duration of the event; however, that physical table is only available to you for the AdventureExchange session on 5 May. For any meetings outside of the AdventureExchange session please be sure to include details in your request about an alternative location. We suggest using the ‘Meet me Here’ sign or your Partner Networking Table.
  • To request meetings outside of the AdventureExchange session, you’ll navigate to individual attendees profiles where you will be able to see and request open meeting times directly from their profile page. More information  on how to navigate those features will be available on the event platform after 26 April.

If you do not have an AdventureExchange Table as part of your partnership, please follow the general instructions for this session, here – or contact us to find out how you can secure one.

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If you are shipping items for the AdventureELEVATE event to the Graduate Hotel for events, and/or Partner Networking Tables, please carefully review shipping details below:

Timing: There is limited pre-event storage space at the venue, so if you are able to bring your marketing materials with you on your flight, that is preferred.

If you must ship, please use the following address:

Graduate Eugene
Attn: Convention Services Manager
Name of Event: AdventureELEVATE 2022
66 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Storage: The hotel has limited facilities for the storage of exhibits. All shipments for an exhibit must be directed to the address above. Any items that arrive more than 72 hours before the event will be charged a storage fee of $25 for small boxes and $55 for large pallets per day. If any items need to be shipped back out after the show please have it all pre-labeled, pre-paid and packaged and leave it at the front desk to have it shipped out the next business day. Goods not shipped out by 6 May will be disposed of.

Customs: Depending on where you are shipping your items from, please look into the assistance of a customs broker.

Audio Visual

For special A/V needs, including electrical power (see below), please contact
Anton Cole – [email protected] or
Brian Maderos – [email protected]

Electrical Power:
If you require power for your exhibit space, power needs to be ordered in advance and is $25.00 per exhibit area. Extension Cords/Power Strips need to be ordered in advance and are $15.00 each.

Extension Cord/Power Strip Usage – ALL extension cords must be the industrial 3 prong cords. No booths can use a smaller indoor 3 prong cord at their booth. If plugging more than 1 item into power you must have a power strip for your booth.

Full Exhibitor Details can be found in this document.

Traveler Info

Please reference our traveler info page for any questions related to lodging, transfers, health and safety. We recommend booking your travel arrangements early to ensure availability. Please note that the rooms we have reserved for the event will be released and available to the general public after 13 April.

Business Center

There is no business center within the Graduate hotel. There are 2-3 large print shops including FedEx and Kinko’s nearby. Central Print & Reprographics is closest (.1mi/20 meters) https://goo.gl/maps/7JzSi1fWWCHtd5Py8


In order to protect delegates and the community of Eugene, Oregon from COVID-19, ATTA requires that all AdventureELEVATE delegates be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to the event. Delegates will need to show proof of vaccination at the on-site check-in before receiving an event badge.

Please review our frequently asked questions and answers here.

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Please message Eva Mossberg, ATTA’s Community Lead and Partner Coordinator, if you have any additional questions.