AdventureExchange Returns

Tour operators, media, destinations and industry professionals working in all other capacities within adventure travel will have the opportunity to connect with other delegates during the AdventureExchange, your best way to access pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings at AdventureELEVATE.

The AdventureExchange will take place during a dedicated three-hour time slot on the third day of AdventureELEVATE. All delegates will have an opportunity to select priority meetings with each other.

With a total of nine 12-minute appointment times available per delegate and no concurrent sessions during AdventureExchange, the ATTA expects this networking event to bring high value for delegates seeking to connect one-on-one with specific attendees they’ve identified as targets for potential business partnerships.

How It Works

All registered delegates get access to our event networking website. First, complete your profile so others know who you are, where you do business and upload a photo so they will recognize you in person. Next, browse the attending delegate list — filter by company type, geography or business interests.

In our pre-scheduling phase, rank other attendees that you want to meet with during the AdventureExchange. The algorithm will create appointments for you (if participating). If you are not participating, again, make sure to block your calendar at that time. All attending delegates can choose to participate in AdventureExchange.

Ranking an attendee is very easy. By clicking on their profile, you’ll see their details and an option to rank from 1 to 5 stars, you’ll also be able to tell the system to not schedule a meeting with a person that perhaps you already have a business relationship with or that is not in an area or activity of interest. You can filter the list of attendees based on Attendee type, Country or (if they’ve provided the info) by their activity offerings. Just remember to click ‘Search’ after selecting the appropriate filters.

After 9 November, we’ll run our meeting scheduler using the information you’ve provided on who you want to meet with. We’ll post your meetings to your account and from there you are able to add, change or cancel any meetings you’d like. The ATTA is unable to make changes to your meetings once the scheduler has run.

After 11 November, to request additional meetings simply find the attendee, click on their profile, navigate to the meetings tab and choose any open time. You can send a quick message to introduce yourself.

On the day of AdventureExchange, your schedule will be available on the ATTA event platform and. Simply find the table number for each meeting and start networking. Each meeting is 12 minutes long. And community tables will be available for any impromptu meetings.

Get Started

The event networking website will open October 2021, and AdventureExchange is included in ticket price. Register now to be among the first to be able to request meetings.

Event Partnership

There are opportunities for destination and brand partners for enhanced exposure during AdventureExchange and AdventureELEVATE. Contact us.