Virtual Adventures

Join fellow delegates for an hour at the end of day one to experience live Virtual Adventures from around the world. Enjoy virtual wine tasting, experience biodiversity with unique endemic species, learn about traditional construction of a Mayan home, and more.

Vino Mundo: Wine Tasting in Argentina’s Altiplano High altitude wine experience at sunset in Bodega Colome

Join us in Argentina Altiplano for an exclusive wine experience to remember.

Enjoy a spectacular sunset from Bodega Colome, in Argentina’s altiplano in company of our Terra guide and your wine expert. Learn about the characteristics of high altitude wine, find out the specifics of key wine regions worldwide and share your experience before the great finale: a wine tasting live. Our final quiz will make you an expert!

Duration: 60 min
Theme: Culinary / Gourmet
What to bring: Your own bottle of wine, if possible Argentinian and Malbec

The winner of the quiz will receive a free bottle of Argentinian Malbec from Bodega Colome.

Invitation to already open your wine bottle to make it breath at the start of the session

Species Quest onboard Darwin’s H.M.S. Beagle

Follow Darwin’s steps onboard the HMS Beagle and help him find the most charismatic creatures along the way

In 1831, young naturalist Charles Darwin went on a voyage around the world, on the HSM Beagle, that lasted for almost 5 years and resulted in his book describing his revolutionary new theory of natural selection. Take part in his epic journey and help him identify the most charismatic and endangered species along the way as you stop in key hot spots where Terra Group will assist you with clues and inspire you to explore the weird and wonderful natural world.

Duration: 60 min
Theme: Biodiversity
What to bring: Dress like an explorer (optional)

The winner of the quiz will get a free illustration of a charismatic species from Chile from a local artist.

Mundo Maya: Today & Yesterday – Maya home building & homestay immersion

How did the Maya community built their home and why homestay is the best local immersion

Back in the 200 to 1,000 AD period, the typical Maya’s home was made of organic, degradable materials (wood, thatch, vine, reed, ‘wattle and daub’ – wooden strips woven together, covered in cheapo clay/mud ‘plaster’…) so no ancient ones exist today. Talk about a sustainable home! Find out about the ancient Maya world and how they are doing today and time for our quiz. As you wish to immerse yourself into the local culture there is no better way than sharing the household of the locals and witnessing first hand their unique way of life. Join our Terra guide and learn about the traditional homestays in our destinations.

Duration: 60 min
Theme: Cultural immersion

The winner of the quiz will get some delicious organic Maya chocolate delivered to his home.