Destination Showcase

Several ATTA destination partners from Southeastern Europe are helping to host AdventureNEXT Balkans. These local and national-level destinations want to showcase their regions to international buyers and journalists and also find new regional partners from within their ranks. Each destination partner will have a separate networking and exhibition space, where delegates can schedule meetings to get to know them better.


Bulgaria has long been an important gateway between Europe and Asia and a melting pot of different cultures. A hauntingly beautiful and mysterious land, home of Orpheus and vast adventures: hike the highest peak on the Peninsula; collect rose blossoms; discover the Thracian civilization; try pottery craft or ride on a scenic mountain-train! In Bulgaria, travelers can still feel like explorers.


You like an active holiday? You love sailing and diving, and you prefer cycling to site-seeing tours? You love climbing mountains and reaching their peaks and you are no stranger to casting off from those peaks on the wings of a paraglider? In that case, Croatia is the place for you. The incredible coastal landscape, lovely indented coastline, coves, beaches sheltered by pine woods, and small and perfect coastal towns and villages scattered along the mainland coast and on hundreds of islands and isles, captivate with their singular character.


Kosovo is Europe’s newest country and a fascinating land at the heart of Balkans that rewards visitors with welcoming smiles, charming mountain towns, incredible hiking opportunities and 13th century cultural and religious attractions just for starters. Always safe and welcoming to travelers, it is indeed one of the last corners of Europe that remains off the beaten track for travelers.

Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia has a lot of stories that have to be told and places that have to be discovered. More than 230 sunny days and 16 mountains higher than 2000 meters, the country offers many options for outdoor adventures, which are in the center of the attention, offering diverse experience for adrenalin and sports lovers. All the existing colors of the nature, starting from the endless blue lakes up to green dense forests.


Prilep, as a monument of nature and culture is inexhaustible destination for active tourism lovers. Participants in the traditional outdoor festivals in bouldering, mountbiking, paragliding,running and others and the ideal sites for these kinds of sports, gave Prilep the epithet Heart of Adventure. Ethno-cultural identity of Prilep expressed through historical heritage, churches, monasteries, archaeological sites, museums and folk traditions together with its urban culture make it unique in the Balkans.

Visit Meteora

Meteora, a geological marvel of immense rocks hosting on their tops a monastic community. Today Meteora has become a world destination offering unsurpassed natural grandeur, a rich history and culture and a wide range of travel services and activities. Meteora is one of those few world sites that neither words nor pictures it’s possible to describe or to encapsulate the magic and beauty of this place.