Pulse of Tomorrow

From 3-5 December 2018, more than 220 adventure travel industry professionals from 30+ countries gathered for the AdventureNEXT in Madhya Pradesh, India, to connect with the essence of Indian adventure.

Highlighting the theme, Pulse of Tomorrow, AdventureNEXT India introduced delegates to its colorful city full of character and personality.

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Madhya Pradesh is, quite simply, the ideal trifecta of nature, culture, and activity — a destination primed to host the inaugural AdventureNEXT India.

The call of the Indian paradise flycatcher provides a soundtrack as you stand on the worn trail in Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park, but your eyes are drawn to something else: a royal Bengal tiger sunning itself, its distinctive orange coat with black stripes far more impressive than any photograph can convey. Close your eyes and you can almost hear its raspy breathing, its textured tongue grazing the fur on a front paw while it bathes.

The “tiger state” of India is a conservation success story, home to nine national parks devoted to preservation, and extensive forest cover that inspired Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book.” On any given day, glimpse locals walking along the River Narmada, Madhya Pradesh’s lifeline, as they make the 3,000-kilometer barefoot walk to pay their homage. Feast your eyes on palaces built more than 2,000 years ago without any modern scientific tools. Prep the palate for crispy, sweet cardamom-flavored jaleibis and Bhopal kebabs made from minced meats cooked over coals.

AdventureNEXT events travel the globe introducing adventure destinations to international buyers and media while incorporating educational workshops and sessions covering regional topics. This December is India’s time to shine. Embodying the event’s theme, Pulse of Tomorrow, delegates will tune into their professional calling and explore future-driven business opportunities from Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.

Why AdventureNEXT?


Embracing the idea of forging meaningful connections at the heart of successful businesses, the Marketplace will allow delegates to meet with potential partners at two dozen pre-scheduled meetings over the course of two days.


Selected buyers and media will be invited to experience the region’s colorful and rich cultural heritage, cuisine, and history combined with trekking, mountain biking, wildlife safaris, and other activities on multi-day adventures. Pre-Adventure experiences will be announced soon.


Aligned with the AdventureNEXT India theme Pulse of Tomorrow, keynote speakers and breakout sessions will focus on industry issues and business practices driving adventure travel toward a successful tomorrow.

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