From its densest jungles to its sunny coastline, India is rich in adventure travel activities and opportunities. Eager to share and promote its diverse experiences with the world, industry professionals unite for AdventureNEXT India in Madhya Pradesh — the heart of India — to learn, collaborate, innovate, and lead the way into the future of adventure travel.

Reflecting on the event’s theme, Pulse of Tomorrow, speakers at AdventureNEXT India deliver knowledge and expertise from within the region and beyond, offering a well-rounded selection of global voices. Based on recent feedback from regional travel providers, AdventureNEXT’s agenda is designed to provide relevant and practical knowledge to India’s adventure businesses. Delegates will also be treated to a vibrant showcase of entertainment and educational workshops on dance, art, and textiles.

Featured Sessions


Values-driven businesses are common in adventure travel. Many entrepreneurs find their way to this sector through a personal awakening.


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