Media Application

Media applications are now closed.

Are you a travel journalist or writer that specializes in editorial work around adventure and sustainable travel? Consider becoming an ATTA Adventure Media Member! Benefits include:

  • Early access to event applications
  • Gear and event discounts
  • Opportunities to share your stories on
  • Access to sources for stories
  • Membership listing
  • Member credentials

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This application closes on July 26. Applications will be reviewed in July and August with final selections made by the beginning of September.

AdventureNEXT gives attending media the opportunity to discover the unique natural and cultural resources and activities in a specific region. Selected official media delegates will learn about the region through immersive adventure tours and connections with regional suppliers at Marketplace, as well as find inspiration in learning about the value and development of adventure travel through speakers and workshops at the event.

The final selected hosted official media delegates will receive: complimentary event registration, accommodations during the event, economy round-trip air, airport transfers, and a pre-adventure tour at no cost (though some additional incidental costs may be required per the specific itinerary). Hosted media delegates are required to participate in a pre-adventure tour.


If selected as an official media delegate, the entire trip length will vary in duration up to six days prior to the event depending on the final selection of pre-adventure tour options (usually 3-5 days in length) plus the travel time from your origin city. Tour options will be made available after applications are selected. The event itself is December 3-5, with return departures on December 6, 2018.

Who should apply:

The ATTA and our hosts are seeking 20 hosted media delegates with audiences in the following countries (listed in order of importance/ratio):

  • Western Europe (preference for UK and German audiences)
  • United States (with national reach – this will be the most competitive category)
  • Japan and Southeast Asia
  • Central & South America (specifically Mexico & Brazil)
  • China
  • Australia/Oceania
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Canada

Applications will be considered and reviewed with the destination partner, with the goal to host a variety of media representing the markets listed above who specialize in adventure and sustainable travel stories, including:

  • Freelance Journalists — with a proven record of placing articles in mainstream travel outlets focusing on outdoor activity, fitness, culture or environment/sustainability with national and global reach (print or online)
  • Magazine or Newspaper Staff Writers & Editors — national mainstream lifestyle outlets and/or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor activity, culture or environment/sustainability (print or online editions)
  • Digital Publication Writers & Editors especially from mainstream travel lifestyle outlets and/or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor activity or environment/sustainability with national and global reach
  • Professional (Career) Bloggers & Influencers — with evidence of regular, current editorial writing (i.e. non-sponsored posts) related to adventure travel, outdoor activity, culture or environmental/sustainability issues with a substantial, dedicated and engaged following interested in travel or outdoor related content

Who is not eligible for an official media delegate spot:

  • Publishers
  • Advertising sales representatives
  • Personal or hobby bloggers
  • PR agency representatives
  • Marketing agencies / Content developers
  • Video producers

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Local Media

Half-day passes may be available for local television, radio or newspaper representatives to access designated sessions during the event. Contact [email protected].

Role and expectations if your application is selected:

Official media delegates are expected to be “working media” meaning whether a freelance journalist, magazine editor, photojournalist, or professional blogger and influencer, you will be actively looking for ways to editorially cover the the destination where the event takes place, the adventure travel industry, and attending delegate’s destinations and products. If accepted to attend, we will expect resulting publications, and we track all media results from our events.

In addition, all official media delegates are:

  • Required to attend media-specific sessions during the event, designed to give you more story ideas and connections through interactions with other delegates in facilitated and unfacilitated formats
  • Expected to attend the FULL event (all conference days)
  • Expected to publish something about your experience on adventures
  • Expected to be active on social media during the event and any related adventures, using your influence to spread the word about the ATTA and its members, the adventure travel industry, and the host destination. Event hashtags will be sent ahead of the event and you are expected to use the proper tags to make event publicity tracking possible.


  • Final selections will be made from the pool of applications received.
  • Applications will be considered and reviewed with the destination partner.
  • A cross-set of criteria is used in the application process to curate the proper ratio of final media delegates representing the specific countries listed above, plus a mix of outlets, topics, traditional media, influencers, ATTA event veterans, and first-time ATTA event media.
  • Due to the limited number of official media delegate spots the curation of a variety of final media delegates using the cross-set of criteria above, not all qualified applications will be selected.
  • More questions? See our Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs

This application closes on July 26. Applications will be reviewed in July and August with final selections made by the beginning of September.