Working with local activity providers, our partners in Panama have created itineraries featuring a combination of iconic landscapes and sites, off-the-beaten-path places, distinctive experiences, and active adventures available in Panama.

Pre-Adventures begin on 4 February 2022 with arrival in Panama City before AdventureNEXT Latin America 2022 and end on the 9 February at Gamboa Rainforest Reserve (the event and accommodation location).

All Pre-Adventures include most meals (noted in the itinerary), accommodations (as noted on the itinerary), ground transportation, a trip escort, activity guides, activities, and gear (i.e. kayaks, bikes, rafts etc.) required for the activities. You must bring personal clothing and footwear suitable for the activities.

Day-to-day itinerary details can be reviewed by clicking “View Itinerary” on the trip page.

Please observe each adventure’s start date, location, activities, itinerary and level of difficulty to make sure the adventures are suitable for your interests, availability and abilities.

You must be available to start the trip on time and stay through the duration of the itinerary.

Note that all itinerary details are subject to change for any reason including, but not limited to weather and terrain conditions.

Pre-Adventures are open to Buyer and Media Delegates only and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests are not allowed. Only one person per organization can join one adventure.

Registration Steps:

  • Review the Pre-Adventure itineraries to determine your most desired adventure.
  • In your registration form, please rank the adventures from most desired to least and we will do our best to place you on your most preferred adventure.

Pre Adventure 1

Coiba & Azuero. “From the most Terrible Prison … to the Cradle of Folklore”

Beginning at Coiba National Park, an archipelago of 38 islands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered the jewel of protected areas in Panama. This natural paradise was kept pristine because it functioned as a prison, and participants will learn about this history with a visit to the ruins on Panama’s Devil’s Island. Diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and Yoga SUPing are just a few ways participants will explore the natural wonders of this area, spending the evenings glamping in individual tents. Then, the group goes to Pedasí, the cultural cradle of Panamá, to visit the Cerro Juan Díaz Archaeological site and the house-museum of the festivities and traditions of La Villa de Los Santos. We will learn how to prepare local cheese and typical Panamanian dishes, have a pre-Columbian art class, and learn how to make the traditional footwear of the Panamanian countryman, called Cutarra.

Operator: Balaena Travel 

Difficulty: Easy

Itinerary details here

Pre Adventure 2

Chiriquí: An Adventure At All Levels

Take a 45-minute flight to the province of Chiriquí, where you will have an adventure at all levels of altitude. Kayak in the lush mangroves of the Gulf of Chiriquí, one of the largest mangroves reservoirs in the country, taste delicious gourmet Panamanian dishes, raft the Chiriquí Viejo, go on a 4×4 excursion to the top of Volcán Barú, a 11,398 feet dormant volcano, go on a zipline that is 2,800 meters above sea level to see the landscape from the perspective of birds, and visit the folkloric peninsula of Azuero, which is known for its regional festivals “carnavales”.

Operator: Ecocircuitos Panama

Difficulty: Moderate

Itinerary details here

Pre Adventure 3

Cerro Hoya National Park | Sky Island on the Pacific Coast of Panama: Horseback Ride, Camp, Hike, Waterfalls, Wildlife Watching 

Explore the coastal mountains of Cerro Hoya National Park, one of the most isolated jungle environments in Panama, to discover waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and black sand beaches. This national park is considered a “Sky Island” because of its striking mountains that rise over 5100 feet above sea level, isolated from the mainland by the Pacific Ocean and lowland tropical dry forests at its borders.

We begin our journey in Cambutal, Panama, a small beach town at the end of the coastal Pacific road of the Azuero Peninsula. Participants will horseback ride along the beach up through backcountry hills, eat traditional food, and enjoy a cultural experience with typical music and dance from Los Santos Province.

From the port of Cambutal, participants will embark on local “pangas” to visit Cerro Hoya National Park – the last stronghold of primary tropical forest on the Azuero peninsula. Participants will stay in individual tents in the heart of the coastal portion of the Park, hike up jungle rivers to hidden waterfalls and eat traditional foods harvested locally.

For the last portion of our trip participants will head to Pedasi, a town with a rich cultural history dating back to 1840 to do a walking tour of the historic district and close the adventure with a gourmet dinner experience with the full flavors of Panama.


  • Horseback ride through the coastal hills of Cambutal
  • Hike and Camp in one of the most isolated national parks in Panama
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural history and gastronomy of Los Santos Province

Operator: V2K Events & Experiences

Difficulty: Medium

Itinerary details here

Pre Adventure 4


Join this journey from the mountains to the Atlantic Ocean to discover why Panama is the country that it is today due to its narrow extension in the middle of the Americas, and the Chagres River which provides wealth and life to it.

Operator: Adventures Panama

Difficulty: Medium

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All Pre Adventure Participants Itinerary for Feb 8th-9th – Junta de Embarre
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