The AdventureNEXT Marketplace is a formula refined and utilized at ATTA events in destinations across the globe like the Near East, Mexico, and the Balkans. Our carefully-crafted Marketplace showcases amazing adventure travel companies from Latin America with the international travel trade.

In this inaugural AdventureNEXT Latin America, tap into ample opportunities for pre-scheduled meetings that will be key in developing new partnerships between regional suppliers, outbound tour operator buyers, and attending editorial media.

More meetings. There will be two dedicated marketplaces, one showcasing Brazilian suppliers and one showcasing other Latin American Suppliers. These two marketplaces will be intercalated along full two days. Regional suppliers who purchase a table at marketplace will have the opportunity to fill up to 20 appointments.

Meetings that matter. Find your best potential partners in advance, and request and review each meeting online. This dedicated time for pre-scheduled meetings is the proven recipe for meaningful connections between those who can mutually benefit from a new partnership.

Adventure companies who are interested in your region. With its dedicated focus on tourism to the Latin America region, delegates and media attend because of their proven interest in the region including developing regional itineraries and generating ideas for articles, stories and social content about Latin America.

Tap into ATTA’s marketplace expertise. The ATTA’s marketplace events have been a mainstay of its Adventure Travel World Summit and other ATTA events at countries across the globe. Our team is committed to ensuring your successful meetings, and our technology platform brings your meetings to your fingertips.


Inbound tour operators offering quality product from the region. All together in one room, you’ll find unique operators ready to share what they do and discuss opportunities to partner together with attending outbound tour operators, wholesalers, and specialty travel advisors.


Outbound tour operators, wholesalers, and specialty travel advisors are looking to gain access to exclusive one-on-one meetings with participating inbound tour operators and accommodations from Brazil and Latin American countries. These are international adventure specialists attending to forge international partnerships with suppliers headquartered in the region.


International editorial media are eager to gain insight into adventure travel news in Latin America and ATTA members’ products and the region where the event takes place is their source. By meeting with Media during our marketplace, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story and help inspire others to experience the region.

NEW FEATURES FOR 2018. This years marketplace features two new features to help you connect to the right partners and give constructive feedback to the ATTA about your marketplace experience:

Supplier Interest Tags. You can now tag your supplier profile with both the countries in which you operate/serve & the specific activities your business offers. This will allow buyers and media to filter by specific criteria in order to find the most relevant meetings, so please be sure to complete this section so you appear in all searches.

Marketplace Surveys. You can now provide feedback in real time from within the networking app regarding the quality of your marketplace meetings. Report no-shows, successes or give suppliers constructive feedback on what could make their pitches more effective.


Your Opportunity to Meet One-On-One With International Buyers & Media

The ATTA’s Marketplace at AdventureNEXT Latin America provides a focused setting for inbound tour operators and accommodations from the region to connect with potential partners, hold business meetings and promote your brand to international buyers and media. This is your opportunity to start business relationships, develop your network and drive new business globally. Marketplace is not included with normal registration, and can be purchased as a package during registration.

Who can have a table?

  • ATTA members
  • Inbound tour operators or accommodations
  • Providers specializing in adventure travel

The AdventureNEXT Marketplace table costs $850 USD and includes:

  • One supplier table equipped with three chairs
  • Access to your online networking supplier profile & meeting request process

Please note that as of October 16th, tables are still available but participation in the pre-scheduled meeting process is now over. You are able to utilize our system to request and schedule your own appointments.

Please note that late registrations will have less access to scheduling appointments, so we encourage you to secure your table as soon as possible.

Buyers & Media

Your Opportunity to Meet with Tour Providers from Latin America

Outbound tour operators, wholesalers, specialty travel advisors and media are invited to gain access to exclusive one-on-one meetings with select inbound tour operators and accommodations from Brazil and other Latin American countries. These are regional adventure specialists attending to forge international partnerships.

To take part in the Marketplace as a Buyer:

To take part in the Marketplace as Media:

What’s included in Marketplace for Buyers and Media?

  • Advance networking and Supplier Directories via the AdventureNEXT app, our exclusive online community for AdventureNEXT delegates
  • Access to one-on-one meetings with suppliers from Brazil and Latin American countries, many of which have little exposure to the international market
  • Easy-to-use appointment request forms
  • Guide to navigating Marketplace
  • Marketplace “How To” briefing prior to start
  • ATTA Help Desk on site