Do I need to get a booster shot before AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes?
At this time booster shots are not required, but we highly recommend delegates get any boosters as soon as they are eligible based on their last vaccination, age, or state, region, and country requirements. Staying up to date with vaccinations and boosters provides the best protection against COVID-19.

What vaccines are accepted?
Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and those on the WHO Emergency Use Listing are accepted at this time.

Can I show proof of recovery from COVID-19 instead of proof of vaccination to attend the event?
No. At this time, we require proof of vaccination to attend AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes.

For those traveling from outside Chile please review the most up-to-date travel requirements here: https://www.chile.travel/en/traveltochileplan/

Is the event held outside or inside?
AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes will be held primarily inside, with a few sessions and networking taking place outside. You should expect to be inside during keynotes, marketplace and AdventureAccelerators; some meals will be outside, unless it is raining. Lunch and coffee breaks will be inside.

What if a delegate feels sick during the event?
If any delegate has shown signs of COVID-19 symptoms they will be asked to get tested immediately and remain in their hotel room or accommodation until a negative test result is received.

Will ATTA team, hotel staff, and event venue staff be vaccinated?
Hotel or event venue staff will be under the control of and guidance of their employer. ATTA will request that the hotel/event staff wear masks. ATTA event staff will be vaccinated and will follow the same protocols as event attendees.

What if I am not vaccinated?
Please contact us so we can address options including whether your event ticket can be transferred to another team member at your company.

General FAQs

What is AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes?
AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes is a business-to-business conference focused on the adventure travel industry. A majority of the attendees will come from organizations, destinations, and publications with a vested interest in the Chilean Magallanes and Antarctic region, and the educational content is designed for business needs and trends.

Who can attend AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes?
Unlike other events organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, this AdventureNEXT Patagonia is financed with resources from the Regional Government of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region.
Buyers and Media, and suppliers from the Magallanes region will go through a selection process conducted by Sernatur Magallanes and ATTA. No registrations will be sold for this event.

Will there be a MARKETPLACE?
Yes. Tour operators and media will have the opportunity to connect with Magallanes and Antarctic region suppliers and have a series of pre-scheduled, one-on-one meetings.
In addition to the marketplace, delegates will have multiple networking during the event meals. In addition, the ATTA Event app will allow you to schedule meetings in advance with other delegates during available networking time.

Will I connect with the media?
Connections with the media are a key benefit to attending AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes. Delegates have the opportunity to meet our official media delegates throughout the event and Marketplace (pre-scheduled meetings). A diverse group of 5 media representatives will be in attendance, seeking inspiration and story ideas from you. Your success in connecting with the journalists, editors, influencers and bloggers depends on your preparation and research about who they are and what they are looking for, so be sure to do your homework!

What will I experience?
A like-minded group of adventure travel industry professionals will attend and be eager to learn and meet new colleagues. At ATTA events you can expect a warm and eager welcome and enthusiastic individuals looking to discuss business challenges and opportunities.