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Where will AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes take place?

AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes will be held in Torres del Paine National Park, Magallanes and Antarctic region, Chile at Rio Serrano Hotel + SPA

Accommodations & Transfers


Hosted delegates will stay at Rio Serrano Hotel + SPA.

A list of other official hotels recommended for AdventureNEXT delegates will be updated soon.


The region can be reached by plane to the airports of Punta Arenas all year round and Puerto Natales (September - May), by land where it is necessary to pass through Argentina as this region has no road link to the rest of the country, or by ferry, whose navigation from Puerto Montt (1,309 km to the north) takes approximately 4 days.

For Hosted delegates: There will be flights directly from Santiago, the country’s capital, to Punta Arenas, where the Pre-Adventures will depart. The flight is around 3 hours and 20 minutes if it's a direct flight or about 4 hours and 15 minutes if there’s a stopover.

All Pre-Adventures will end in Puerto Natales city on 11 September, where all Day of Adventures (DOAs) will start.

All DOAs will end at the AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes venue, Río Serrano Hotel & Spa.


Hosted delegates will be transported from the Presidente Carlos Ibañez del Campo airport in Punta Arenas to their accommodation; for Pre Adventures, they will be picked up at their accommodation.

The transportation of the hosted delegates throughout the duration of the event is considered and includes the following transports:

  • Santiago Airport - Hotel in Santiago Airport - Santiago Airport (if necessary)
  • Punta Arenas Airport - Hotel in Punta Arenas
  • Punta Arenas Hotel - Pre Adventures
  • Transport during the Pre Adventures
  • Pre Adventures - Hotel in Puerto Natales
  • Hotel in Puerto Natales - DOA
  • Transportation during the DOA
  • DOA - Rio Serrano Hotel + Spa (Torres del Paine)
  • Torres del Paine National Park - Punta Arenas Airport
  • Santiago Airport - Hotel in Santiago (Round trip) (if necessary)


12 September 2022 – AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Torres del Paine Day of Adventure (DOA) and Opening Dinner

13 September 2022 – Keynote presentations, Marketplace / Adventure Accelerators, Keynote presentations, dinner

14 September 2022 – Keynote presentations, Marketplace / Adventure Accelerators, Keynote presentations, Closing Cocktail



The Chilean Magallanes region tour operators have thoughtfully crafted itineraries featuring a combination of iconic landscapes and sites, off-the-beaten path places, distinctive experiences, and active adventures available. 

The Pre-Adventures are available for hosted delegates only.


The Day of Adventure will take place on the 12th of September, all will start in the city of Puerto Natales and finish in Torres del Paine at the event venue.

There will be activities in the surroundings of the city of Puerto Natales, between this city and Torres del Paine National Park (the distance between Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park is approximately 110 Km as a reference) and in the Park itself.

Activities such as kayaking, visits to Estancias (ranches), horseback riding, trekking and navigation to glaciers will soon be available.

Passports, Travel Visa, and Protocols

Entry Visa Requirements and Entry Requirements - COVID-19 Measures

Please check the Chile.Travel website for updated information on requirements.

Practical Information


As with all ATTA events, the attire is ‘Adventure Casual’. Adventure Casual describes jeans or pants with a shirt or fleece, on occasion you may see a sports jacket or very casual dress.


The Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica is the southernmost region of Chile. The average maximum temperature in summer is 14ºC and the average minimum is 7ºC. In September the average temperature ranges between 3ºC and 7ºC.In September sunrise is at an average of 8.20am and sunset is at 7pm. The weather in Patagonia is very changeable, so it is best to dress in several layers of light clothing to cope with the wind and cold. Days fluctuate between windy and calm, warm and cold air, a little rain, a little sunshine, all in one day.


Please know you will be in truly awesome remote areas and Wifi will be available at most of the hotels, restaurants, and event venues, however, you should be prepared for some digital detox moments!


Electricity: 220 V 10 Amp.

Travel Protection & Emergency Evacuation

Important Notice: The ATTA highly recommends that all AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes participants purchase travel insurance to provide the level of protection and support you require during your involvement at the event and during Pre-Adventure activities and that cover Covid-19 related expenses.

Sernatur Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic has arranged for other entities to provide indoor and outdoor activities for the AdventureNEXT Patagonia - Magallanes participants. By choosing a Pre-Adventure or a Day of Adventure tour, you recognize that neither the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), nor its agents, servants, employees, and/or officers, are in any way responsible for any activities conducted by other entities. You further agree to Release and Discharge the ATTA and its agents, servants, employees and/or officers from any claim relating to either the selection of the other entities or the suitability of the entity to provide the indoor or outdoor activity. You recognize and understand that the safety laws, regulations, and requirements for any indoor or outdoor activity may vary widely from your home country’s similar laws, regulations, and requirements. You also understand that medical care in Chile may differ from your home country and you agree to Release and Discharge the ATTA and its agents, servants, employees and/or officers from any claim relating to medical services.