Media Application Now Closed


This application closes on 12 June 2023 (extended - originally 5 June). Applications will be reviewed and final decisions made by the end of June.

Thank you for your interest in applying to be considered as one of five media at AdventureWeek Cyprus 2023. 

AdventureWeek gives attending media the opportunity to discover the unique natural and cultural resources and activities in a specific region. Selected official media delegates will learn about Cyprus through immersive adventure tours and connections with regional suppliers at Marketplace, as well as find inspiration in learning about the value and development of adventure travel.

The final selected media will be fully-hosted, with the costs of activities, flights, accommodations, meals, and ground transfer in-country covered by the hosts. 


If selected, the entire trip length will be 8 (eight) days, from 17-25 October including arrival and departure days. (Travel time from and back to your origin city might be additional.)

Who should apply

The ATTA and our hosts are seeking five (5) media delegates and are considering media whose audience reach is in the countries and states listed below, who have an active interest in creating and publishing stories about adventure, responsible, and sustainable travel in Cyprus.

  • Europe: Austria, Germany, France, and Poland
  • United States: specifically reaching New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania audiences

Please note that there will likely be one media delegate selected per market listed and the potential for some markets listed not to be represented in the final five. 

Applications will be considered and reviewed with the destination partner, with the goal to host a diverse group of media who specialize in adventure and sustainable travel stories, including:

    • Travel Content Creators (Influencers/Bloggers) with evidence of regular, current editorial content (i.e. non-sponsored posts) related to adventure travel, outdoor activity, wellness, culture, or environmental/sustainability issues with a large, dedicated, and engaged following interested in adventure travel-related content.
    • Radio/Podcast Journalists whose content is related to the adventure travel or outdoor industry. 
    • Freelance Journalists with a proven record of placing articles in mainstream lifestyle outlets or verticals focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, wellness, culture, or environment/sustainability with national and global reach (print and digital).
    • Magazine, Newspaper, or Digital Staff Writers & Editors especially from mainstream lifestyle outlets and/or vertical outlets focusing on travel, outdoor adventure, wellness, culture or environment/sustainability with national and global reach. 
    • Broadcast Journalists whose content is broadcast on TV and is related to the adventure travel or outdoor industry will be considered if they are guests on news segments or shows - this trip is conducive to a television show production. 

Publishers, advertising sales representatives, personal or hobby bloggers, PR agency representatives, marketing agencies/content developers, and film/video producers are not eligible to apply. 

Role and expectations if you are selected

You will be participating as “working media,” experiencing adventures and researching multiple stories for future publications. If you are selected to attend, we will expect resulting publications, and we track all media results from our events. You will be expected to be active on social media before, during, and after the trip (as connectivity is available) to share your experience and the destination. Event hashtags will be sent ahead of the event and you are expected to use the proper tags to make event publicity tracking possible. 

In addition, hosted media delegates are expected to attend the FULL event (no late arrivals or early departures) and any media-specific activities. 

  • Hosted media selections will be made from the pool of applications received.
  • All applications will be considered, reviewed, and selected with the destination partner.
  • A cross-set of criteria is used in the evaluation process to result in a final curation of the small group representing the specific countries and types of outlets listed above. 
  • Due to the extremely limited number of official media delegate spots and a large number of applications typically received, not all qualified applications will be selected.
  • You will receive an email from the ATTA informing you of the status of your application.
  • More questions? See our Official Media at ATTA Events FAQs

This application closes on 12 June 2023 (extended - originally 5 June). Applications will be reviewed and final decisions made by the end of June.