What to Expect


Located just on the equator of the planet, shaped by 4 unique worlds, Ecuador is a destination full of Bucket Lists. The Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Coast, and Galapagos Islands are the scenarios where you will discover a new meaning for life. 


On this occasion, you will be experiencing 2 worlds of Ecuador. Mainly cold-cool in the Andes Mountains and warm in the Amazon Region. Bear in mind the Chocó Forest has warmer weather than Quito and it usually rains, but not quite much as in the Amazon Rainforest. In Quito temperature ranges between 9°C to 19°C (48°F to 67°F), in Mindo from 19°C to 30°C (67°F to 86°F), in Papallacta 4°C to 11°C (39°F to 51°F), and in Cotopaxi National Park, 7°C to 19°C (45°F to 67°F).


Ecuador has two main seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. However, once again it would depend on where you are exactly located and in what period. In November, Quito usually is quite sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon, Mindo is mostly rainy in the afternoon, Papallacta is mostly cloudy, the Amazon Rainforest is rainy of course, and Cotopaxi tends to be cold with a little sunny in the morning.

Time zone 

Continental Ecuador is GMT-5.

Spending guide

Item costs in Ecuador

Breakfast US$3,00 to US$10,00

Lunch US$5,00 to US$20,00

Dinner  US$10,00 to US$20,00 

Beer at markets US$2,00 to US$3,00

Beer at bars US$5,00 to US$7,00

Bottle of wine at markets US$15,00

Glass of wine at bars US$5,00

Soft drinks in markets US$1,00

Soft drinks at restaurants US$2,00


Common voltage is 110 V. Frequency is 60 Hz. Plugs and sockets are A and B type. 


The current currency in Ecuador is the United States Dollar. At the Mariscal Sucre International airport, you can find exchange places and ATMs, they are available in multiple places within Quito as well. 


The signal on cellphones and local phones is good in cities and urban areas. Some remote areas might have difficulties to be communicated.  The Internet can be available in Quito on main plazas or restaurants. An option can be to purchase at the airport a SIM card for internet connection, which costs US$ 5,00.

Health tips

Ecuador has private and public hospitals throughout the country. In rural areas, there are Health Care Centers of different levels I, II, and III. A PCR full scheme vaccination certificate is required to enter the country. Medicines are easily accessible in Ecuador, through a large number of pharmacies. We suggest you travel with International Insurance and notify any health problems you may have before making your trip.

Suggested Tips 

- In Hotels and Restaurants it is mandatory to pay 10% for service as a Tip, you will see it on most of these Invoices. Some places do not charge it, so you can leave a tip. It is usually 10% of the total amount of the meal. 

- Day tour guides US$10,00 to US$15,00 per day

- Local nature guides US$5,00 to US$10,00 per day

- Transfer driver US$2,00 to US$5,00 per day

- Tour driver US$5,00 to US$7,00 per day

- Bellboy in the hotels US$2,00 per service 

- Luggage loaders at the airport US$2,00 per service 

- Taxi drivers do not need tipping.


Due to its weather, you will see insects like mosquitoes in Mindo and Tena, so it is recommended to use mosquito repellent. However in Quito, Papallacta and the Cotopaxi you would vaguely see them.


All around the country you will find different kinds of stores, from Handicrafts Markets, small local shops to international stores in Shopping Centers and Malls.

Traveling tips

You should be at the airport at least 3 hours before your international flight and you must carry and present your passport. The usage of face masks is not mandatory but is recommended inside the airport. There are a couple of restaurants in the airport Shopping Center, where there is a LayOver Place with showers and resting areas for US$39 per person. 


Water in Ecuador is potable, but we recommend you to bring your refillable bottle and recharge it in hotels. You can brush your teeth with tap water.