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Québec Canada

A giant playground where beauty transcends landscapes.
A warm welcome from friendly locals.
A unique, creative culture with discoveries around each corner.
This is Québec.

Located in Eastern Canada, we are close and easily accessible to the United States. The 620 million square miles province has just over 8 million inhabitants. It's a huge territory!

We offer countless unparalleled experiences for every season: Dive into our many amazing outdoor activities. Taste our chefs’ cuisine—each bite is better than the last and they bring out the best in our local ingredients. Sail over 2,000 km along our river and see its majestic wildlife. Visit 11 Indigenous nations and learn about their ancient traditions. Have fun celebrating in our creative cities, famous worldwide for their diversity!

But most of all, winter.

Come experience this season the way nature intended it. In Québec we welcome the magic of winter’s beautiful white cloak because we know exactly what to do with it.

Winter is an incredible experience when you’re in a place that thrives within it. For the Québécois, winter is a way of life in which every opportunity is taken to enjoy the outdoors.

After a day spent outside, nothing beats cozying up next to the fireplace. The comforting heat draws everyone together to fondly recollect the day’s excursion.

This February, come say bonjour to Québec.

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