Tierra del Fuego

Throughout history, Tierra del Fuego has captured the imaginations of adventurers as humans learned about the extremes of our world. Legendary explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Fitz Roy brought the region — located at the southern tip of the South American continent — to international notoriety and inspired scores of adventurers in the coming generations.

Today the adventurous spirit still gains inspiration from these stories, while the region develops new activities for travelers to dig into the diversity of environments and landscape, including the End of The World Trail. In May 2017, the travel trade discovers Tierra del Fuego for itself through a cross-border AdventureWeek itinerary in Chile and Argentina for selected hosted buyers and media.


While this 10-day adventure itinerary is still under development and itinerary details are subject to change, view anticipated highlights below. Due to its unique location at the end of the world, travel to and from Tierra del Fuego may take additional time.


AdventureWeek Tierra del Fuego will feature two Marketplaces – one in Chile and one in Argentina – creating opportunities to foster a better understanding of the adventure market in these regions and for partnership building between buyers and local providers.

Who Should Apply?

North American, European and Australian outbound tour operators and travel advisors who would like to include or add to existing Argentina and Chile experiences for their clientele. Additionally, five editorial media will be selected from North America, Europe and Australia.


Arrive at Ushuaia airport by 8:00 a.m. and depart for the port.

Many participants will spend the night of May 22 in Buenos Aires and then will fly together to Ushuaia on the morning of May 23.

Our adventure begins with sailing on the Beagle Channel (approx 2 hours). The narrow waterway separates Argentina’s island chain of Tierra del Fuego to the north from remote Chilean islands to the south. Bask in the beauty of coastal islands and glaciated peaks while on the lookout for sea lions, seals, concormants, and more!

We will disembark in Puerto Almanza, the southernmost village in Argentina and home to just 100 people. It serves mostly as a resting point for fisherman. We’ll take advantage of the fresh fare and eat a delicious lunch.

The afternoon will be spent in Cambaceres Bay on the Beagle Channel learning about history related to Aboriginal canoeing culture of the south zone of the island. This is home to Yamana people, who have inhabited this area for more than 10,000 years. Depending on weather conditions, we may trek or kayak in the area.

In the late afternoon, we will make our way to the heart of the island to stay in the Hostería Kaikén, a laid-back lodge with detached chalets at the head of Lake Fagnano with grand views of the lake and surrounding mountains. We will enjoy a typical gastronomy fueguina, which is famous for its king crab and lamb, at the lodge.

We’ll leave for Lake Yehuin, to make an ascent to Cerro Cabra, and we will enjoy our lunch from the top. Enjoy this moment of connection with nature. In the afternoon, we will visit Estancia Las Hijas, where we will learn about the history of the farm and the traditional way a sheep farm works in the region, which involves sheep dogs. Our dinner will be the traditional Fuegina lamb. Return to Hosteria Kaiken for overnight.

This morning we will leave our lovely lakeside retreat, then head north to an area formerly occupied by the Selk’nam (Ona people). One of the last native groups in South America to be encountered by Europeans explorers in the late 19th century, this tribe is now considered extinct.

After a one-hour dirt road, we arrive at Cabo San Pablo and walk for one hour to a lighthouse. From here, we’ll have a view of the famous oxidized Desdemona ship that wrecked in the mid-80s on a trip from Comodoro Rivadavia, farther up the coast in Argentina. The massive rusty ship beached at the end of the world makes a great scene for photographers to capture.

Our expedition continues with a barbecue lunch in a shelter on the bank of Fagnano Lake. From there, we’ll travel by 4×4 to Escondido Lake, with the Andes range as the backdrop. We end the day back in Ushuaia at the elegant Hotel Las Hayas, where we will enjoy dinner with a view of the Beagle Channel.

After checking out of Las Hayas early in the morning, we leave for one of the most beautiful experiences in the itinerary: We will fly over Ushuaia and the Andes mountain range. After the flight, we will departure to Tierra del Fuego National Park, where we will trek and canoe (depending on weather conditions).

At dusk we will experience an evening activity in the valley area (ATV, biking, hiking, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing, depending on weather conditions). Upon reaching a shelter, we’ll be received with a delicious warm wine and special stew and treated to stories of the region’s pioneer settlers. In the evening, we will check in at Arakur resort, which is located within the Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén and has a wonderful view of the bay.

The first of the two marketplace sessions takes place this morning at the Arakur resort. Afterwards, we will enjoy a lunch of tapas while networking with local providers and the destination representatives.

In the afternoon, we’ll visit the fascinating Ex Presidio & Maritime Museum, which will provide a comprehensive background about Antarctica. This day will end with a very special dinner at Arakur resort’s La Cravia as a farewell from the Argentinean side of Tierra del Fuego. The restaurant features local and international cuisines.

After breakfast we’ll leave for the airport and fly to Punta Arenas, located on the Chilean side. Upon arrival, we will have a special welcome to Patagonia with a cultural presentation, then we will be divided into two groups.

The first group will transfer from the airport to Estancia Rio de los Ciervos, a boutique hotel located 5 km south of Punta Arenas that belongs to the Solo de Zaldívar family, pioneers of Magallanes region. The group will visit a museum about the region pioneers, have lunch at the hotel, and then depart for Fuerte Bulnes, a fort located by the Strait of Magellan, 60 km south of Punta Arenas. After visiting the fort, the group will board an expedition ship and start navigating through the Strait of Magellan to Francisco Coloane´s Marine Park.

The second group will take a Twin Otter charter flight to Porvenir. There, they will visit Parque Pingüino Rey, a park promoting conservation and protection of the king penguin and other wildlife, the vegetation, and archaeological sites in Bahía Inútil. After the visit to the park, the group will be divided again. Some will go to Russfin lodge, located in the Commune of Timaukel, which is in the center of Tierra del Fuego Chile. They will visit the gold dredge in Russfin and spend the night at this lodge. Others will go to Estancia Por Fin, a sheep ranch, where they will learn about this local lifestyle. Much of Chile’s wool production (4 million pounds) comes from this region. This group will spend the night at the Estancia.

After breakfast, the adventure begins with a kayak tour at Francisco Coloane Marine Park. The last has been identified as a feeding site for the humpback whale and a natural habitat for different species such as sei, minke, and killer whales, sea lions, Magellanic penguins, Antarctic giant petrel, imperial shag, and more. After the tour the group will navigate to Almirantazgo Fjord, this truly magnificent fjord cuts deeply into the west coast of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.

The second group will travel to Russfin to visit the gold dredge. After lunch they will will enjoy a half-day hike through Pietro Grande hills in Karukinka Park, a 300,000-hectare private park with ancient lenga beech forests, mountains, and lush wetlands with native flora and fauna. The group will also fly fish at Fagnano Lake. Later, they will enjoy dinner and spend the night at Hotel Las Lengas, which is situated on a hill with panoramic views.

Every navigation has an end, and this one has the best one because the group will enjoy breakfast with an amazing view of the glaciers. After disembarking, the afternoon will be spent fly fishing on Fagnano Lake and trekking in Karukinka Park.

The second group will start the day with a birdwatching activity. Then, a boat will take the group to the glaciers of Alberto de Agostini National Park, which includes the Cordillera Darwin mountain range, the final land-based stretch of the Andes before it becomes a chain of mountains appearing as small islands that sink into the Pacific Ocean and the Beagle Channel.

After breakfast the first group will go to King Penguin Park. After the visit, the group will enjoy a typical lunch in Porvenir. It´s time to head back to Punta Arenas: If the weather allows, the group is going to fly to Punta Arenas; if it not, the group will go by boat.

For the second group, the morning starts with a kayaking activity with the possibility to see some humpback whales. After this amazing tour, the group will return to Punta Arenas to have a great dinner with the whole group of AdventureWeek participants, and savor a very special local meal, which includes king crab, lamb and other delicacies.

After breakfast we will have a second MARKETPLACE session, where you’ll meet with adventure providers from throughout Chile. After lunch, the participants will be transferred to the airport to fly from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia and then home or to fly from Punta Arenas to Santiago and then home.

Who Should Apply?

North American, European and Australian outbound tour operators and travel advisors who would like to include or add to existing Argentina and Chile experiences for their clientele. Additionally, five editorial media will be selected from North America, Europe and Australia.

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