Eye-opening adventures splashed with elements of Tuscany’s well-known, sensational cultural, artistic, architectural, historical and culinary highlights are in store for AdventureWeek Tuscany

AdventureWeek this September provides buyers and journalists with access to countless alternative adventure experiences lying in wait to be discovered by those seeking to open up Tuscany as new destination for their audiences, or to revisit and refresh a trusted classic in an unexpected manner, with unusual perspectives and special, atypical routes and themes.

Made possible by the partnership between the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and Toscana Promozione Turistica, AdventureWeek Tuscany is one of many steps planned in the coming years to help the region add dimension to its already globally successful brand, while opening up corridors to responsible rural tourism development in extraordinary communities long forgotten, and to help better manage tourism’s capacity for years to come.


AdventureWeek Tuscany will be broken up into three groups to experience several facets of adventure in Tuscany. Approved participants will indicate their group preferences and ATTA will do our best to accommodate your preference.


AdventureWeek Tuscany will feature a Marketplace to foster a better understanding of the adventure market in these regions and for partnership building between buyers and local providers.

Applications Are Now Closed

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Group 1

From sky to sea and farm to table, get up close and personal with the places and people of Tuscany, taking new and classic avenues of adventure. Over the course of a week, you’ll explore this region’s diverse landscapes and get to know the culture and people that shape and share these spectacular places.

Go on a guided night tour along the small medieval lanes of Pontremoli, learning about the history of this centuries-old city along the way, including the legend of the werewolf

Take a helicopter up over the Apennine mountains to the grasslands of the Pratomagno, where you’ll heli bike or heli hike down toward the Abbey of Vallombrosa

Discover natural geothermal phenomena — biancane, fumarole, water geysers — as you hike from Monterotondo Marittimo to Sasso Pisano

Don a wetsuit to go coasteering along the Etruscan Coast, enjoying a combination of hiking and wading as you navigate the coastline between Calafuria and Sassoscritto

Enjoy world class kayaking off the western rocky coast of Elba, one of Italy’s largest islands and once a home to exiled Napoleon.

Get a taste of farm life in the mountain community of Alta Val di Cecina as you explore a family run organic farm with the farmer himself

E-bike or hike from Pratovecchio to the monastery of Camaldoli, where you’ll hopefully meet one of the hermit monks who have been taking care of the forest for over 1,000 years

Drink in views of wine country as you cycle from Castagneto Carducci to Montescudaio — or take a taste as you visit wineries in Bolgheri, where some of Italy’s best reds are produced

Group 2

Experience the beauty and richness of Tuscany, getting to know the people, the culture, and the land over the course of your weeklong trip. From ancient traditions to modern adventures, you’ll get a chance to experience what makes this region unique.

Meet a local stone mason who will teach you the complex art of dry-stone wall building, fundamental for farming and similar throughout the world.

Explore the volcanic island of Capraia and sample its abundance — tasting homemade liquor, gathering wild herbs, and catching fresh fish with local fishermen.

Sail the open sea along the Etruscan Coast as you head for Abbadia San Salvatore, considered a sacred place for nearly 3,000 years, and then visit the town itself to learn about its history.

Feel the wind in your face as you cycle from high up on the Monte Amiata down to the Etruscan town of Sorano, where you’ll stop for a picnic lunch overlooking the imposing Orsini Castle.

Get a taste of the deep reds and rich history of Casato Prime Donne wine estate, known for its elegant wines and unique situation as a flagship for women in the wine business.

Follow a pilgrim route toward the Padule di Fucecchio marshlands, where you’ll tuck in for bird watching and learn from a local about the dying art of sarello weaving, used until just after WWII.

Visit the ski village of Abetone for mountain biking at Ovovia Gravity Park, a large downhill and freeride bike park with runs and cross-country trails for all skill levels, beginners to experts.

Take in the views as you enjoy a helicopter ride over the Apennine mountains up to the marble quarries where Michelangelo and other artists extracted the rocks used for their masterpieces.

Group 3

Adventure, history, and natural beauty are all on the agenda for your week in Tuscany — plus some mouth-watering food and wine grown and produced right in the region. During your weeklong trip, you’ll experience both the wild and peaceful sides of Tuscany, learn history from people living it today, plus so much more.

Get up close to nature as you paddle the calm waters of Lake Massaciuccoli on a guided birdwatching trip through this quietly beautiful area.

Experience a living tradition as you watch local cowboys take large, horned Maremmana cows out to graze in open pastures, and learn how these cowboys differ from others around the world.

Enjoy horseback riding, hiking, or windsurfing in the Alta Maremma, an extensive area in southwest Tuscany characterized by ancient traditions, wild nature, and wonderful beaches.

Lace up your boots for a hike to the villages of Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese, stopping to enjoy brunch in a vineyard, where you’ll sample a limited-production Ansonica wine.

Dig into ancient traditions as you learn from a renowned alabaster mason in his workshop and visit a prize-winning cheese maker to sample his craft.

Explore the idyllic Chianti hills by foot, bike or hot air balloon, and then enjoy a picnic lunch in a local vineyard and visit the imposing Barone Ricasoli property and wine cellars.

Take a wild ride as you raft the crystal-clear water of the Lima, a tributary of the Serchio River.

Get your adrenaline pumping as you go canyoning with an alpine guide in the vast and incredibly diverse Apennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.