Adventure Women Leadership Studio

20 October 2017
Centro Cultural América – downtown Salta

Studio Participants: Maximum of 75 participants
Studio Cost: $299 for Summit Women Delegates

Women DO adventure. Women LEAD in adventure businesses. Women ARE adventure.

Women in the adventure business: how are you doing? As a leader? As a partner or team member? Have you grown lately?What do you need to raise the level of your performance, to lead with greater impact? And what can, or must, we do together to lift women globally in adventure travel?

Let’s explore and advance our individual and collective progress, for tomorrow’s women in adventure. This one-day event — held in conjunction with the Adventure Travel World Summit —begins at 10:00am 20 October. Participants will:

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion attesting to their engagement in and elevation of their leadership and partnership toolset
  • Be eligible for Venture In coaching, see below
  • Be included in a private member group in the ATTA’s HUB for Women Leaders (must be an ATTA member)

Studio Day Objectives

  1. Examine the landscape of women leading in adventure travel (research findings)
  2. Explore the implications and impacts felt by women attendees in their environments and identify needs and issues for the industry for future events
  3. Discover what it means to lead authentically from the feminine voice and style
  4. Practice new skills for courageous leadership, including developing and maintaining allies
  5. Craft a personal road map for your individual leadership growth for the year ahead

Attend if you want to lead. Attend if you want to help other women rise. Attend to learn, to explore, to create, to refresh. Be brave. Connect. Join us.

NOTE: Participation in the Studio is a prerequisite for participation in ATTA’s new offering: Venture In: Coaching Circles for Women for peer mentoring, expert coaching, and support (launching November/December 2017).

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