Puerto Varas Chile

Viva la Revolución de la Aventura!

700 leaders in the adventure travel industry, from 55 countries, gathered from October 5th to 9th for the twelfth Adventure Travel World Summit in a country that has an incredibly diverse array of adventure opportunities.

The 700 delegates mixed and matched and paired up in a variety of networking scenarios. The ATTA estimates that over 11,000 new business relationships were made over the course of the Summit. Between a bustling business-to-business Marketplace, two 90-minute intensive MediaConnect sessions, a dozen coffee breaks and sit-down meals and two dance parties, millions of words were exchanged and thousands of hands were shaken.

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Are you part of the adventure revolution? The theme for the Adventure Travel World Summit 2015 is “Viva la revolucion de la aventura!” It’s a bold statement for a bold sector. Throughout the Summit, passionate travel professionals including influential writers and entrepreneurs will speak about their drive to take chances, embrace the unknown, create something new and make hard decisions based on values. We’ll talk about the role ATTA members and the adventure community at large have in leading the way toward sustainable tourism development and meaningful customer experiences. Keynote speakers will share examples of acts of courage, challenges to the status quo, defense of values — and ask how delegates will be part of the revolution.

Pablo Neruda said, “There is a certain pleasure in craziness that only the crazy know.” Inspired by the famous Chilean poet, we’ll indulge in the excitement of forging new paths through largely uncharted business territory.

Why Chile?

“We are very proud to host the Adventure Travel World Summit in Chile. Chile has grown as a destination for adventure tourism, always developing in a responsible and sustainable manner. Chile has immense potential in the adventure sector, thanks to its people, its beautiful landscapes, national parks and the high quality of its adventure operators.”

-- Javiera Montes, Chile’s Under Secretary of Tourism

Adventure in Chile

Chile was ranked #1 in adventure destination potential in the 2011 Adventure Travel Development Index report. Now, it’s ready to show the world what it’s got by hosting the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2015. With ten UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and nearly twenty percent of its total landmass protected, it’s clear that Chile is committed to sustainability and sees adventure travel as a path toward a healthy tourism industry for the future. We welcome you to come trek, bike, raft, ski, climb, or eat or photograph your way through well-known regions like Easter Island, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

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Pre-Summit Adventures

Chile is showcasing the best of its adventures to delegates, offering three- to seven-day itineraries that span the length of the country. These adventures give delegates an opportunity to experience the iconic landscapes and exciting activities available in Chile.

Day of Adventure

Chile is extending a warm welcome to all 2015 ATWS delegates to explore the incredible areas of Puerto Varas surrounded by lakes, volcanoes, rainforest and welcoming people on the Day of Adventure. Each Day of Adventure is free of charge for all registered Summit delegates and includes transportation, adventure activity, equipment (if needed) and lunch.



Marketplace has been facilitating business partnerships at the Adventure Travel World Summit for six years, and is an essential force connecting tour operator buyers and suppliers during pre-scheduled meetings. Marketplace features more than 100 inbound tour operators and accommodations from around the world in a comfortable setting ideal for introductions, learning about new opportunities and engaging in product development discussions.


MediaConnect delivers a format that mixes media tips and trends from top travel journalists, bloggers and media experts. Tour operators and destination specialist delegates receive an opportunity to pitch to an impressive field of international, top-tier and emerging media.