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The marketplace is SOLD OUT.

Opportunities for networking are often cited as the number one reason for attending an ATTA event. We know that relationships matter, which is why meeting your potential partners in person is essential. We bring the best adventure travel suppliers and buyers to our Marketplace and provide participants with the tools they need to connect and foster productive conversations.

Let the ATTA help you review and find potential partners via pre-scheduled appointments at Marketplace. Create a list of desired appointments, and through a proprietary matchmaking algorithm, your meeting schedule is created and sent to you. After years of Marketplace events, we have fine-tuned our formula and helped forge hundreds of new, creative partnerships.

Marketplace Timeline

NOW: Register for the ATWS and add a marketplace table to your registration. Please note that late registrations will have less access to scheduling appointments, so we encourage you to secure your table as soon as possible. Marketplace often sells out early.

26 JULY - 16 AUG: You will receive access to our networking app, ATTA Compass, to create your profile and rate other attendees (Must Meet, Meet, No Thanks).

17 AUG - 21 AUG: We will create and deliver a provisional pre-matched schedule of appointments for you.

21 AUG - 29 AUG: During this phase you can request changes to your provisional schedule.

29 AUG: You'll receive your finalized schedule with all your Marketplace meetings. At the same time, the Live Networking Phase starts, giving all delegates the opportunity to schedule meetings outside of Marketplace.

AT THE EVENT: This year we will have two sessions of Marketplace, one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon. The suppliers will participate in only one of the two sessions. Your schedule and table number will indicate in which session you will participate:

  • Marketplace Morning Session is 9:00 - 12:00
  • Marketplace Afternoon Session is 13:30 - 16:30

We will also have a help desk on-site to answer your questions on the day of the marketplace.


We invite Outbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers, and Specialty Travel Advisors to access exclusive one-on-one meetings with Destination Management Companies, accommodations, and tourism board representatives from around the world.

Price for Tour Operator Buyers to participate at the Marketplace: Included in ATWS registration

Take part in the 2023 Marketplace:
Register for the Summit. Indicate in your registration that you will be participating as a buyer.

Sign up as a buyer for the Marketplace and access:

  • Advance networking and Supplier Directories via our 2023 ATWS mobile networking app, for our exclusive online community for delegates
  • Easy-to-use appointment request process for buyers and suppliers
  • Supplier & Buyer Guides – your guide to navigating Marketplace
  • Meeting schedules delivered personally via our 2023 ATWS mobile networking app - ATTA Compass
  • Marketplace “How To” briefing prior to start
  • An ATTA Help Desk on site

Tour Operator Suppliers

The Marketplace is a popular feature of the Summit and sells out very quickly due to size limitations of the venue.

What is the value of Marketplace?
The ATWS Marketplace reaches a world wide audience to provide a focused setting for international inbound tour operators and accommodations to connect with potential partners, hold business meetings, and promote your brand to buyers from all over the world. This is your opportunity to start business relationships, develop your network, and drive new business globally.

Is Marketplace included in ATWS registration?
Marketplace is not included in supplier registration fees. It is available for additional purchase (600$) at the time of registration.

Who can have a Marketplace table?
Inbound tour operators, tourism boards, or accommodations who are business members of ATTA and specialize in adventure travel.

What They Say...

“It’s small but beautiful. I love every chance I can get to meet and learn from the Marketplace sellers...Of course the thing that makes the ATWS Marketplace really special is that it’s only dealing with adventure travel buyers and sellers. I’m coming to it with my light adventure clients in mind and looking for those sellers who have the trips that my clients want. As an independent Travel Advisor, I work with individual travelers so while I’m not sending huge numbers to the tour operators, I do keep the ATTA members in mind when booking my clients around the world. In the end the Marketplace is all about meeting each other, getting to know and trust one another and hopefully the desired outcome will be a money-maker for both parties.”

– Susan Kelly, Luxury Adventure Trips / Travel Experts

“Strong and lasting business relationships emerge through mutual trust. I have experienced the annual ATWS, in particular its embedded market place , as a perfect hub for exchange, networking and trust building“

– Florian Piper, Senior International Sales Manager, Oceanwide Expeditions

First, there’s no other trade show marketplace I’ve experienced that buzzes with the energy I always find at ATWS Marketplaces. In some ways, it’s the floor of New York Stock Exchange, a Moroccan bazaar, and a family reunion (the good kind) blended into one very productive setting.
Second, in the past, I had to spend weeks traveling the globe to meet current and potential bike tour partners. ATWS Marketplace probably removes two to three weeks from my travel schedule--or at least lets me spend more of my travel schedule on bikes rather than in planes. And I know weeks in advance whom I’m going to see and what I need to prepare.

– Jim Johnson, BikeToursDirect LLC