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New adventures and new partners from around the globe, found at the Summit Marketplace!

Relationships matter, which is why meeting your potential partners in person is essential.

Let the ATTA help you find new partners via pre-scheduled appointments at Marketplace. Marketplace is designed to connect outbound Tour Operators and Travel Advisors (Buyers), who sell adventure experiences, with inbound adventure suppliers and destinations ready to help build new and unique itineraries to deliver amazing experiences for adventure travelers around the globe.

The Summit Marketplace is structured to provide you with twelve minute meetings that are long enough to make a good connection and short enough to maximize your opportunity to meet a variety of potential partners. Our team strives to fill as many open meeting slots as possible with the potential partners you have selected in our pre-event matchmaking process.

Weeks ahead of the Summit, buyers will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for the specific suppliers and destinations they want to meet with out of the over 100 choices. Suppliers and destinations will also have the opportunity to request specific buyers to meet with during the same selection period.

After the selection period closes, ATTA’s matchmaking process takes over to best match each participants requests and maximize schedules while balancing schedules to provide equal opportunity for all. With over 15 years of experience running Marketplace events, we have fine tuned our formula to help forge hundreds of new and prosperous partnerships.


Inbound Tour Operators and Accommodations

The Marketplace is a popular feature of the Summit and sells out very quickly due to the limitations in size of the venue.

What is the value of Marketplace?
The Summit’s Marketplace is available as an additional purchase (not included in your registration fee) that provides a focused setting for international inbound tour operators and accommodations to connect with outbound tour operators and travel advisors ready to build new partnerships that help them add new and unique experiences for their clients. This is your opportunity to start business relationships, develop your network and drive new business globally.

Your Opportunity to Meet One-on-One with our global network of Buyers
Pre-scheduled meetings using the Summit’s matchmaking process helps to ensure a successful experience. ATTA’s pre-event process helps you review and find potential partners that results in up to 11 pre-scheduled 12-minute appointments during your 3-hour Marketplace segment. You pick your top meetings from the Tour Operator Buyers and Travel Advisors (Buyers), Buyers also pick their preferred Supplier meetings, and through a matchmaking process your meetings schedule is created and sent to you before the Summit. ATTA will also add your meetings to the Summit networking app for easy reference while at the event.

Who can purchase a Marketplace table?
Inbound tour operators or accommodations who are business members of ATTA, specializing in adventure travel. Marketplace table opportunities are limited, so you must be an active ATTA Business Member to participate.

How do I purchase a Marketplace table?
To participate as a Supplier in the Marketplace, you will need to choose either ‘Tour Operator – Inbound (Supplier)’ or ‘Accommodation’ as your Company Type in the ATTA Business Member Registration form. When selecting either of these company types, an option will appear to add on a Marketplace table for $500 – while tables remain available. Marketplace tables sell-out quickly, so we recommend purchasing your registration and Marketplace table add-on as soon as possible.

What size are the Marketplace tables?
The Marketplace tables are 220cm long x 45cm wide. 


Outbound Tour Operators and Travel Advisors

We invite Outbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers & Specialty Travel Advisors to gain access to exclusive one-on-one meetings with inbound tour operators, accommodations and destinations from around the world.

The cost for Buyers to participate in the Marketplace meetings is INCLUDED in your Summit registration. No additional cost for you to meet with great companies and destinations ready to share their unique adventure opportunities.

Take part in the 2022 Marketplace:
Register for the Summit. Indicate in your registration that you will be participating as a buyer and we’ll include you in the Marketplace scheduling process. Weeks ahead of the Summit, you will have the opportunity to submit your preferences for the specific suppliers and destinations you want to meet with out of the over 100 choices. With two 3-hour marketplace segments, you’ll have the opportunity for up to 11 meetings – providing the ability to get to know many of the suppliers and destinations providing special experiences to add to your portfolio of itineraries.

Sign up as a buyer for the Marketplace and access:

  • Advance networking and Supplier Directories via our 2022 ATWS mobile networking app
  • Easy-to-use appointment request process with priority options
  • Supplier & Buyer Guides – your guide to navigating Marketplace
  • Meeting schedules delivered personally via our 2022 ATWS mobile networking app.
  • Marketplace “How To” briefing at the Summit prior to starting
  • An ATTA Help Desk on site

What They Say…

“Marketplace has provided a rich opportunity to network with both suppliers and operators from around the world. I’ve made several valuable connections at these over the past few years. This has led to our pilot hiking program on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, which in turn has led to the development of several itineraries with several local operators.”

Peter Grubb
ROW Adventures

“ATWS Marketplace is the diamond in the rough of travel trade shows. It’s just the right amount of time for trade business and at a more personal scale. As a buyer, every year I see more suppliers I can reconnect with who are part of our Wildland Adventures family of ground operators. And, I always look forward to discovering newer, smaller, innovative adventure outfitters and community-based initiatives offering fresh new experiences that you just don’t find at the other big global trade events (because those events are too expensive, and also because ATTA awards grants to a few small, upstart suppliers who could not otherwise afford to attend any show).”

Kurt Kutay
Wildland Adventures