The ATTA’s mission is to empower a global travel community to deliver experiences that protect natural and cultural capital while creating shared economic value. Our events, which bring together our vibrant, diverse community periodically throughout the year, are important to achieving our mission. As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, our Events Sustainability Policy, adapted from the Global Sustainability Tourism Criteria strives to:

  • Maximize social and economic benefits to the local community and minimize negative impacts
  • Maximize benefits to cultural heritage and minimize negative impacts
  • Maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts

In agreements with live event host partners, ATTA collaborates to align the ATTA community’s values and goals with that of the destination’s in order to purchase and hire locally whenever possible, conserve water, reduce plastic use, avoid food waste, and limit energy consumption and transport within the context of each event.

The Adventure Travel World Summit 2022 is part of a two-year collaboration with Switzerland Tourism with a focus on Sustainable Tourism. 

Switzerland’s Sustainability Strategy: Swisstainable

Sustainability has been shaping Switzerland for decades. Whether through the predominant use of hydroelectric power, the high environmental awareness of the Swiss people or the early and comprehensive expansion of public transport, which illustrates what sustainability looks like in Swiss tourism: created for the regional population, enjoyed by guests from all over the world.

“Despite all the difficulties we currently face, let’s never forget – the future of tourism is bright because it is sustainable. In Switzerland, the tourism industry as a whole has just launched an initiative to renew its full commitment to sustainability. And on top of that, we have even created a new term – “Swisstainable” – sustainability, the Swiss way.”

“And to fulfill this promise – we chose to work even more closely with the world’s largest and most important global network of adventure travel leaders. We share the absolute commitment of the Adventure Travel Trade Association to sustainable tourism.” – Martin Nydegger, CEO of Switzerland Tourism

Learn more about how to practice Switzerland’s swisstainable approach to travel.

Carbon Offsetting & Removal
We recognize that the travel sector contributes 8 percent of all global carbon emissions. As ATTA’s Global Exclusive Sustainability Destination Partner, Switzerland Tourism will support the ATTA’s event emissions measurement efforts and carbon offsetting through MyClimate

And because nature can't do it alone, ATTA is incubating Tomorrow's Air in order to promote awareness and engagement with innovations in carbon removal technology. Individual travelers can help through a one-time purchase or monthly subscription.

As transportation is a key component of a sustainable adventure travel community, Switzerland Tourism has partnered with Swiss International Airlines and Swiss Travel System to make the journey to ATWS more sustainable than ever before.

SWISS assumes its responsibility for effective climate protection and has a clearly defined path towards CO2 neutrality: By 2030, the Lufthansa Group  aims to halve its own net CO2 emissions compared to 2019; by 2050, the company wants to achieve a neutral CO2 balance. To this end, the Lufthansa Group is focusing in particular on accelerated fleet modernization, the continuous optimization of flight operations, the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, and innovative services for CO2-neutral flying.

But CO2-neutral flying is already possible today! Via the platform delegates can reduce the CO2-emissions of your flights either through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), the sponsorship of certified climate protection projects, or a combination of both options. 

Once delegates arrive in Switzerland, Swiss Travel System has made it possible for all delegates to get to Lugano in a sustainable way. All delegates who reside outside of Switzerland will receive a complimentary Swiss Travel Pass valid for unlimited travel by train, bus or boat. 

Learn more about Switzerland’s Swisstainable Strategy as well as ATTA’s latest research report High Moments, Low Impact: Rethinking Adventure Travel’s Sustainability Efforts.

Exhibiting Partners



  • Banners and other signage
  • Badge holders and lanyards


  • Reduce paper handouts by going digital. If you must print, print locally, and source recycled, sustainably certified paper options
  • Use recyclable materials such as cardboard for signage
  • Leave no trace behind by shipping out all booth properties and packing materials and donating extra giveaways


  • Break down all cardboard boxes and put them in the hotel’s recycling area


  • Avoid foamcore signs and other materials that cannot be recycled


After 16 years of events, ATTA has received a lot of feedback about the kinds of giveaways that are appreciated and valued and those that are not because of either their environmental impact, or simply because they have received so many through the years. Consider this another opportunity to showcase your culture as well as your understanding of the adventure travel industry’s values around sustainability


  • Artisan made local crafts tied to your culture
  • Edible treats, cookie, chocolates, tea, coffee
  • Scarves, hats, especially locally made in your region
  • Useful items like branded notebooks,
  • pens, tote bags, hand sanitizers


  • Reusable water bottles (they have said they now have enough)
  • Luggage tags
  • Items that won’t travel well because they are large or breakable
  • Plastic trinkets, keychains