ATTA Climate Action Leadership Studio 20 September 2019

Future Proof Your Destination and Business with Practical Climate Action Strategies and Tools

Learn how to implement positive climate action strategies from destination and company leaders who are doing it successfully. While some notable travel companies and tourism destinations are already reaping the benefits of bringing their environmental values to the forefront of their operations and marketing, climate action is still a new area for many. This one day session offers a firm grounding in the science of climate change along with practical strategies for what to do in your destination or travel tour business. Learn how to improve your operations and tell your story in a meaningful way to travelers. Travel companies will gain practical ideas for actions they can take for the benefit of the environment, while educating and inspiring guests to action themselves.

At the conclusion of this day you will:

  • Know how to become a leader in the travel industry on climate
  • Take home practical actions you can implement tomorrow for the benefit of the climate and your business
  • Gain strategies for communicating with consumers in a way that motivates, inspires, engages

Participants will also:

  • Receive a Climate Action Leadership digital badge as a symbol of your commitment to learning and implementing climate action strategies

Open To All — No ATWS Registration Required

20 September 2019
9:45am – 4:00pm
Post Clarion Hotel
Brevsorterarsalen 1 & 2

Studio Participants:
Maximum of 100

Studio Cost: