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Exhibitor Information

AdventureELEVATE Europe Partners, we are pleased to welcome you to Kitzbühel, Austria this May! This page contains information relative to your partner participation in AdventureELEVATE Europe, 21-23 May 2024. We hope you find it helpful!

Event Platform

The event platform used for AdventureELEVATE is called ATTA Compass. It will be your guide now and throughout the event and is available as a desktop version and as a mobile app, available as a free download for iOS and for Google Play. This is where you will be able to network with delegates, see the full agenda, and much more. Having the ATTA Compass ready to go before the event means you will be prepared on-site to have the best experience. 

The AdventureELEVATE networking platform will open on or around 23 April. You’ll receive a welcome email from ATTA Compass with instructions on how to login and set up your profile. Please make sure you have added ATTA Compass to your safe senders’ list so that you do not miss important notifications.

Do you need help getting started? Check out the Participant Guide and Mobile App Tutorial Video. If you have trouble navigating through the platform, please review the FAQs on the event platform, where you can also ask questions – or email [email protected] 

For information about the Marketplace, please see below. 

*If you are a destination or tour operator with a marketplace table for the MarketPlace session (22 and 23 May), you must log into the ATTA Compass App, and create your profile no later than 4 May to receive a pre-scheduled set of meetings. If you do not log in and create your profile, you will miss the opportunity to have pre-scheduled meetings during the Marketplace Sessions.*

Presentation and Video Submission Deadline: (for partners with speaking time)

Please provide us with the speaker’s name, the title of the presentation, the presentation deck in PowerPoint or Keynote as well as the video you would be showing no later than 3 May. If you have a keynote presentation, please also provide the speaker’s bio.

Upload your presentation here

We recommend you submit the actual video file of any video (versus a web link) since internet is not always reliable. If you need a presentation template, feel free to use the ATTA presentation template.  

PLEASE NOTE: The ATTA is not responsible for presentation issues if your presentation flow and files are not received at least three weeks before the event.

Partnership Visibility

Your logo is live on the ATTA partners website and on the AdventureELEVATE page. If you don’t see your logo or if you would like to use a different logo, please send an EPS and PNG version of your logo to your ATTA point of contact, and we can replace it.

We do not hand out printed programs in order to eliminate as much printed waste as possible at our events, but your logo will be on any appropriate event banners, if we print them, and on screen.

Are you a partner for the first time? See a quick sneak peak at our event partnerships!


Sampling Opportunity / Giveaways:

According to your contract, you have the opportunity to provide giveaways and other goodies at your partner networking table. This is an excellent method to drive traffic to your partnership networking table and gain additional exposure.

After 18 years of events, ATTA has received a lot of feedback about the kinds of giveaways that are appreciated and valued and those that are not because of either their environmental impact, or simply because they have received so many through the years. Consider this as another opportunity to showcase your culture as well as your understanding of the adventure travel industry’s values around sustainability.


  • Artisan made local crafts tied to your culture
  • Edible treats, cookie, chocolates, tea, coffee
  • Scarves, hats, especially locally made in your region
  • Useful items like branded notebooks, pens, tote bags, hand sanitizers


  • Reusable water bottles (they have said they now have enough)
  • Luggage tags
  • Items that won’t travel well because they are large or breakable
  • Plastic trinkets, keychains

Please let your partner manager know if you will be raffling anything away no later than 5 May. If you would like to arrange a prize drawing at your partner networking table, such as “enter your business card for a chance to win”, winners will be announced during the closing plenary session.

Partner Networking Space

For your partner networking space you will have a ∅ 70 cm (27 in), height 110 cm (43 in) round cocktail table with a black tablecloth set up near the main session rooms of the event venue. This is where all partner networking tables are placed so that delegates can pass through and learn about our partners, see your materials, etc. This is also where the networking breaks happen. Delegates get coffee/snacks and walk around the area during the breaks between sessions, and in mornings before sessions begin. You may bring one pop up banner as well as marketing materials, giveaways/goodies/etc to place on your table for the duration of the AdventureELEVATE Europe event. You may give away small samples of food and non-alcoholic beverages. No cooking or heating equipment is allowed. Please discuss any food and beverage ideas with your ATTA point of contact no later than 30 April. For table banners we recommend a standard pop up banner. Alternatively, to save space, you can use one with a QR code like the one pictured here! You may not use any fasteners to attach things to the walls that will cause damage. No tacks/glue/ or aggressive tape. Painters tape is acceptable. No glitter or equally small pieces allowed. Unless ordered by you ahead of time (see below “Electrical Power Outlets”), there is no guarantee of electrical power outlets by your table but there will be outlets in the area.

Here is how your partner networking table will look like:

Below you can see photos from a past event that gives you an idea of what to expect of the space. 

Set-Up: Monday, 20 May from 2:00pm - 4:00pm / 14:00 - 16:00hrs and Tuesday, 21 May from 12:00pm - 4:30pm/12:00-16:30hrs. We recommend that you set up your partner networking table no later than 8:00am on Wednesday, 22 May.

Tear-Down: Thursday, 23 May before the closing session, from 4:30pm - 6:00pm / 16:30 - 18:00hrs or Friday, 24 May morning until 11am. Please note, all partner networking tables should be cleared.

Photo credit: Hassen Salum 

Marketplace Session

AdventureELEVATE Europe's Marketplace will provide a focused setting for inbound tour operators, accommodations and destinations, ready for international travelers, to connect with potential partners during pre-scheduled meetings. 

Marketplace participants get access to our event networking website and have an opportunity to select priority meetings with each other. There will be a total of seventeen 8-minute appointment times available (not guaranteed) for buyers, media and suppliers, including destinations with a destination marketplace showcase partnership seeking to connect one-on-one with specific attendees they’ve identified as targets for potential business partnerships. 

Marketplace ratings for your pre-scheduled meetings will be open on the ATTA Compass platform on April 23 and will close on 7 May. 

First, be sure to complete your profile so others know who you are and where you do business. Upload a photo so they will recognize you in person.

During the pre-scheduling phase, browse the attending delegate list, and rank the attendees you want to meet.

You can rate as follows:

  • Must Meet - I absolutely want to meet this person
  • Meet - It would be nice if I can meet this person
  • No Thanks - I don’t want to meet this person

After the selection period closes, ATTA’s matchmaking process takes over to best match each participant's requests and maximize schedules while balancing schedules to provide equal opportunity for all. Your schedule will be added to your account on the event app.  

With over 16 years of experience running Marketplace events, we have fine tuned our formula to help forge hundreds of new and prosperous partnerships. Our team strives to fill as many open meeting slots as possible with the potential partners you have selected in our pre-event matchmaking process, however, your success depends heavily on you: it is imperative for you to "do your homework" and explore who is coming before we open the platform so that you are fully prepared and know with whom you wish to meet when the platform opens in April. 

If your partnership includes a Marketplace destination table, delegates will come to meet with you at your table. Your Marketplace table will be a rectangular table 55” x 17” (140 x 45cm) . Setting up your Marketplace table is an opportunity to showcase your brand and we encourage the use of branded table cloths, table-top flags and the like. Unless ordered by you ahead of time (see below “Electrical Power Outlets”), there is no guarantee of electrical power outlets by your table. To reduce the number of materials that you bring to the event, we suggest you use your pop-up banner for both your partner networking table and Marketplace table. Please be sure to have your table set up no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. You will be provided the exact location of your table and may set up your table one hour before the start of the event. ATTA staff will be there to greet you and show you to your table.

Other networking opportunities at the event: 

  • Day of Adventures (Tuesday 21 May): This is the best way to break the ice with the rest of the delegates. Once the DoAs are available for sign up see the list of who is attending each adventure and join the one on which the people you want to meet with are on. Use the time to also meet people who you do not know - keep in mind that they could be your “advocates” to introduce you to others; 
  • Partner Networking Tables: Throughout the event
  • Meet Me area: ATTA sets up a special area in the lobby, near the ATTA registration desk, for all of the delegates where you can easily schedule to meet another delegate, using the event platform during all the days of the event.
  • Event platform: Direct messages with other delegates before and during the event.
  • Disruptive Networking Adventure session, Lunches/dinners, coffee breaks, informal gatherings etc.
  • Use the ATTA HUB: Post in the groups of activities or events you are mostly interested in meeting people from and introduce yourself prior to the event or after.

A few important notes:

  • To request meetings outside of the Marketplace session, you’ll use the event platform to navigate to individual attendees profiles. You will be able to see and request open meeting times directly from their profile page. 
  • For any meetings outside of the Marketplace session please be sure to include details in your request about an alternative location. We suggest using the ‘Meet me Here’ sign or your Partner Networking Table.

Marketplace Process

  • 23 Apr - 07 May: Desktop version of ATTA Compass live for Marketplace participants only. Rate! (Must Meet | Meet | No Thanks)
  • 08 May - 13 May: Schedules are created.
  • 14 May: Finalized schedule for Marketplace participants + ATTA Compass Mobile App opens for all delegates. Set up meetings outside of Marketplace.
  • 21 May - 23 May: Connect!

If you do not have a Marketplace Table as part of your partnership, please follow the general instructions for this session here.

We will also have a help desk on-site to answer your questions on the day of the marketplace. You can visit our event's marketplace section for more information.


Timing: There is a pre-event storage space at the venue, so if you are able to bring your marketing materials with you on your flight, that is preferred.

If you are shipping items for the AdventureELEVATE event to the K3 KitzKongress please carefully review shipping details below:

All materials MUST be labeled with the below information. Boxes will only be accepted after May 17 as there is another event happening before that date. K3 KitzKongress is not responsible for scheduling pick-ups, nor will assume any liability for any damages to materials or lost packages. 

Example of how to address:
Contact Name: [YOUR NAME]
Group Name: ATTA AdventureELEVATE Europe 2024
Contact Phone Number: [YOUR PHONE NUMBER]
KitzKongress GmbH

Receiver at the venue:

Marlene Söllner

KitzKongress Congress & Convention
Josef-Herold-Straße 12
A-6370 Kitzbühel

Following time frames are optimal:

Monday till Thursday between 08:00 am and 04:00 pm

Friday 08:00 am till 12:00 pm

Customs: Depending on where you are shipping your items from, please look into the assistance of a customs broker.

Audio Visual

The K3 KitzKongress has a section on their website for services for which you can use their partner Audio/Visual Companies for any of your A/V needs. Their partner companies can provide your equipment needs on a rental basis with charges billed directly to you. 

K3 KitzKongress Services section

We recommend that you cc in your email communication the Partner Manager for this event - Tereza Georgieva so she can make sure that the rented items by you are placed next to the correct partner networking table prior to your arrival. 

Electrical Power:

Austria uses Schuko / Type F sockets. This is the same 2-pin system as in much of continental Europe, including Germany, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain. These sockets take the equivalent 2-pin Schuko or Type F plug, but are also compatible with the Europlug and the CEE 7/7 plug.

Traveler Info & Orientation Webinars

Please reference our traveler info page for any questions related to lodging, transfers, health and safety. We recommend booking your travel arrangements early to ensure availability. 

Get ready for your 2024 AdventureELEVATE experience!

Whether you’re a partner or want to make sure that the Tour Operators you'll be attending with want to learn how to maximize the time in Kitzbühel, Austria, tune into this webinar with the AdventureELEVATE event team for a virtual orientation to the following:

  • Location, Venue and Info
  • ELEVATE agenda
  • Who is attending; how to schedule meetings
  • Connecting with media

All delegates, regardless of what business you are in or what your goals are, should be able to glean some tips to maximize your time at the AdventureELEVATE from this webinar.

This webinar is intended for registered AdventureELEVATE Europe 2024 delegates.

Webinar slide deck (PDF)

Business Center

There are a few business centers within reasonable distance from the K3 KitzKongress center.

Additional Helpful Information

See who else is attending

Submit badge form*

Book your Day of Adventure

Traveler Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketplace Details 

Need a Visa support letter?**

*(If you do not see your name listed, please submit the event’s badge registration form. If your company is an exhibiting event partner, be sure to select “event partner” under “company type”.)
** Please fill out this form and our team will send it to you within 5 business days.

*NEW* Change and Cancellation Policies:

After an event partnership agreement has been signed, ATTA begins the promotion and inclusion of the event partner in the event marketing, and the partnership is no longer available to be sold to other destinations.  In the event a partner must cancel their event partnership agreement, the partnership cost may be transferred to a future event as account credit, less the following fees:

  • 120+ days before the event: 5% fee deducted from account credit
  • 90-120 days before the event: 10% fee deducted from account credit
  • 60-90 days before the event: 25% fee deducted from account credit
  • within 60 days of the event: 50% fee deducted from account credit

An account balance due will be added to partners who cancel but who have not yet paid for their partnership fee. 

Registration/Marketplace Table Change and Cancellation Policies for Event Partners:

  • Registrations/Marketplace tables that are included in the partnership agreement are not refundable and not transferable to future events.

  • At least one registration needs to be named 60 days before the event, or the ticket will be released (please contact ATTA in advance if you have a special request around this). 
    • Remaining tickets need to be named 15 days before the event
  • ONE (1) name transfer per ticket is allowed up to five (5) days before the beginning of the event. Outside of this, a special 50% of regular event transfer fees apply.
    • AdventureELEVATE: standard fee is $125 (partners pay $65)

  • Registrations/Marketplace tables that are purchased in addition to the registrations included in the standard partnership package (additional registrations beyond the standard package, including bulk purchase packages) include:

  • The option to make changes up to the day of the event with the following stipulations:
    • 10% admin fee automatically deducted from the account credit issued
    • 120 days or more before the event: refund back in the original form of payment
    • Between 45 and 120 days: account credit will be issued (without a fee)
    • If tickets and AdventureExchange tables are not named within 45 days, these will be released and funds will be issued as account credit less an admin fee:
  • ONE (1) business/attendee name transfer is allowed per ticket up to five (5) days before the beginning of the event. Outside of this, a special 50% of regular event transfer fees applies to event partnerships:
    • AdventureELEVATE: standard fee is $125 (partners pay $65)

If the in-person event must be moved to a virtual format due to Covid-19 related restrictions or force majeure, the ATTA will continue to host the long-awaited event utilizing its digital platform. Partners will continue to receive all benefits that can be done digitally - ie stage time, virtual networking tables (booths), marketing exposure pre/during/post event, etc. The ATTA will reduce the agreed upon partnership cost by 50% if the event will happen virtually instead of in-person. The remaining 50% of the paid/agreed upon partnership fee may be either refunded, saved as a future credit, or used for another product or service with the ATTA immediately. The partner may choose which option they prefer for the remaining 50%. 


Please message Tereza Georgieva, ATTA’s Partner Manager for Europe, if you have any additional questions.