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Adventure Travel World Summit

Hokkaido Japan

調和 - Harmony

From September 11-14, 2023, 773 delegates from around the world gathered in Sapporo, Japan for the first Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) in Asia! 

In Japan, Chōwa or Harmony is most often used to describe the collective spirit that connects people together. While the word has layers of meaning, as a cultural concept, 調和 (chōwa) is a reminder to look beyond our individuality. It asks us to place higher value on our community as a whole. It reflects core values held by the Japanese, which include harmony, mutual respect, and working together to strive toward the greater good. 

As we gathered the global adventure travel community in Hokkaido, the traditional lands of the Ainu people, we enjoyed learning how this concept of harmony can teach us to create a sustainable ecosystem of nature, communities, and economies worldwide. In looking to the future of adventure travel, we ask ourselves what will be possible when our individual intentions pursue a shared vision.

The next Adventure Travel World Summit will be held 7-10 October 2024 in Panama.

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Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Sea of Japan, Hokkaido is home to a wildly diverse geography: volcanic hot springs, verdant wetlands, snow-capped mountains, and an endless coastline that offers boundless opportunities for adventure-seekers from around the world.

Join the ATTA community for the first Summit in Asia!

Event Snapshot:



Pre-Summit Adventures

Day of Adventure

What to Expect:

• Business solutions

• Inspiring stories

• Connections and camaraderie

• Thought-provoking big ideas


Sunday, September 10 - Delegates arrive into Sapporo

Monday, September 11 – Day of Adventure & Networking, Registration 

Tuesday, September 12 – ATWS Educational Sessions (Plenary + Breakouts) & Networking, and Opening Reception

Wednesday, September 13 – Business to Business Meetings & Networking

Thursday, September 14 – ATWS Educational Sessions (Plenary + Breakouts), Closing Keynote Speaker Pico Iyer, MediaConnect & Networking

Friday, September 15 – Delegates depart

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The ATTA and the Hokkaido Broadcast Company have partnered together to create two episodes on adventure travel in Hokkaido.

The Water and Wilderness
of Hokkaido, Japan

In this episode, we travel through eastern and northern Hokkaido, following the island's vast network of rivers and streams beginning at the peaks of snow-capped mountains. We navigate these waters down through the island's lush forests all the way out into the sea of Okhotsk. Experience an abundance of activities, encounter wildlife and learn about the essential role water plays within Hokkaido's ecosystem.

The Volcanoes and People
of Hokkaido, Japan

In this episode, we learn how people live together in harmony with volcanoes. We meet locals who sow seeds in the land and feast on farm fresh foods they have harvested from Hokkaido's nutrient-rich land. We journey through south and central Hokkaido following stories from the past to the present of the evolution of this land. Through repeated eruptions of volcanoes, we wind our way through formations Mother Nature has carved while hiking, biking, and canoeing.

What is the Adventure Travel World Summit?

The Adventure Travel World Summit is the biggest event of the year for adventure travel professionals who work and play like no other industry.

An estimated 800 tour operators, destination representatives, adventure travel writers, and thought leaders from across the globe gather as one like-minded community to explore travel trends, celebrate milestones, and develop new connections. Event highlights include innovative ideas from keynote speakers, panel presentations from expert voices, a destination marketplace for buyers and suppliers, an optional “Day of Adventure” to showcase the offerings of the region, and a MediaConnect Session to pitch story ideas to international writers and editors.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop lasting relationships while taking in the adventure opportunities of each year’s featured destination.
  • Hear from experts and thought leaders who are driving the industry forward with visionary ideas for the future of travel.
  • Enjoy four days of casual and structured opportunities for connection 

Watch these videos from previous years to see highlights and hear what attendees had to say about their ATWS experiences:

"The ATWS is my annual pilgrimage to feel inspired and re-invigorated in the travel industry. From sustainable practices to networking and jaw-dropping destination discoveries, I rediscover my passion for travel and discovery every time." 

--Lindsey Woodcock, Jet Set World Travel

"As a newbie to ATTA, I was very curious how the Summit would be and it exceeded all my expectations. I made very interesting and valuable contacts and I am sure some new stories and projects will develop from there. I also liked the MediaConnect format a lot, it was interesting to exchange experiences and knowledge or just find some good contacts for the future. In general, and in comparison with other similar events, I really enjoyed the very relaxed yet professional atmosphere, the adventures, and the international participation.

--Wolfgang Greiner, Freelance Travel Writer

"After attending 11 Summits, each year I say "this one is the best ever" and then the next year it's even better. It's the people, the connections, the content, the enthusiasm, the generosity, the ideas, the destination, the encouragement, the inspiration, the stories, the friendships, the sharing and caring and love we all feel for each other.

--Nancy Harrison, Founder & Managing Partner, Adventure Media

"The community that [the ATTA] team convenes, I’m convinced, is the greatest group of professionals on the planet. The inspiration, rejuvenation, and energy I get from bouncing around our gathering is second to nothing that I do all year long.  I am honored to consider myself a deeply ingrained member of this community, and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you and the ATTA team does to facilitate our gathering year in and year out.

--Ted Martens, Vice President, Marketing & Sustainability, Natural Habitat Adventures

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