Exhibitor Information

Adventure Travel World Summit Partners!

We are thrilled that you are joining us in Hokkaido, Japan this September for the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). As leaders and changemakers in the industry, your support at this event helps ensure that the global adventure travel community keeps evolving, and moves forward collectively, for the greatest impact!

We have created this webpage as an easy to find resource specifically for your participation as a trusted partner at the event and we sincerely hope you find it helpful. Please also know that we are here for you, before, during and after the event.

We wish you a successful event and look forward to welcoming you in Hokkaido!

Event Platform

The event platform used for the Adventure Travel World Summit is called ATTA Compass, and will go live on 26 July (UTC-7) for Suppliers that will participate at the Marketplace, and for Buyers. It will be available to all delegates on 29 August.

It will be your guide before and throughout the event and is available as a desktop version and as a mobile app, available as a free download for iOS and for Google Play. This is where you will be able to network with delegates, see the full agenda, and much more. Having the ATTA Compass ready to go before the event means you will be prepared on-site to have the best experience. You can find more information about the app here

The ATWS networking platform will open to all delegates on 29 August (UTC+7). You’ll receive a welcome email from ATTA Compass with instructions on how to login and set up your profile. Please make sure you have added ATTA Compass to your safe senders’ list so that you do not miss important notifications.

Do you need help getting started? Check out our Mobile App Tutorial Video. ​​Please note the tutorial is using the AdventureNEXT Bogotá event to demonstrate, but features are the same across all events. If you have trouble navigating through the platform, please review the FAQs on the event platform, where you can also ask questions – or email [email protected].

For information about the Marketplace, please see below.  

Presentation and Video Submission

(for partners with speaking time) 

DEADLINE: Monday 14 August, 2023  

Please provide us with:

  • Speaker’s full name, title, organization. If you have a keynote presentation, please also provide the speaker’s bio.
  • Slide deck in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. You may use your own slide deck or the ATWS 2023 template
  • Video file(s) you would like to play (.mov or .mp4 files in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio preferred) 
  • Upload your files here no later than Monday 14 August.

PLEASE NOTE: While this may seem early, it is critical that we receive your materials on time. The ATTA is not responsible for presentation issues if your presentation flow and files are not received at least three weeks before the event. Please also make sure to check your LoA, or ask your partner manager how much time you have for speaking and/or video in total and prepare your slides according to the time limit.

Logo Exposure

Your logo is live on the ATTA partners website and on the ATWS 2023 page. It is also used on any marketing communication related to the Summit where we promote our partners (email marketing, Social media, etc). If you don’t see your logo or if you would like to use a different logo, please send your partnership manager an EPS / Ai and PNG version of your logo and we can replace it. 

We do not hand out printed programs in order to eliminate as much printed waste as possible at our events, but your logo will be on any appropriate event banners, if we print them, and on screen.

Giveaways / Sampling Opportunities

According to your contract, you have the opportunity to provide giveaways and other goodies at your partner networking table. This is an excellent method to drive traffic to your partnership networking table and gain additional exposure.

After 17 years of events, ATTA has received a lot of feedback about the kinds of giveaways that are appreciated and valued and those that are not because of either their environmental impact, or simply because they have received so many through the years. Consider this another opportunity to showcase your culture as well as your understanding of the adventure travel industry’s values around sustainability.


  • Artisan made local crafts tied to your culture
  • Edible treats, cookie, chocolates, tea, coffee
  • Scarves, hats, especially locally made in your region
  • Useful items like branded notebooks,
    pens, tote bags, hand sanitizers


  • Reusable water bottles (they have said they now have enough)
  • Luggage tags
  • Items that won’t travel well because they are large or breakable
  • Plastic trinkets, keychains

Please let your partner manager know if you will be raffling anything away no later than 28 August. If you would like to arrange a prize drawing at your partner networking table, such as “enter your business card for a chance to win”, winners will be announced during the closing plenary session.

Partner Networking Space

For your partner networking space you will have one (1) round cocktail table, 90cm/35in in diameter, approximately 100cm/39in tall) and two tall chairs set up in the lobby or adjacent area of the event venue. This is where all partner networking tables are placed so that delegates can pass through and learn about you, our partners - and dive into your offerings and see your materials. This is the area where the networking breaks happen as well. Delegates get coffee/snacks and walk around the area during the breaks between sessions, and in mornings before sessions begin. You may bring your own table cover, one pop up banner as well as marketing materials, giveaways/goodies/etc. to place on your table for the duration of the event. Printed materials should be kept to a minimum for sustainability reasons. Samples of food and drink, including alcohol, are allowed. No food that needs cutting, warming up, and cooking on-site is allowed.

For table banners we recommend a standard pop up banner (narrow and tall, no wider than 36in / 91cm for width of banner). Alternatively, to save space, you can use one with a QR code like the one pictured here!

Posting on walls, doors, pillars, and windows is not permitted. Please do not glue, tape, fix or fasten any notices to walls, pillars, windows, or other surfaces, whether inside or outside the building.

You will have approximately 16ft2 / 1.5m2 of space, which includes the space of your partner networking table. Below are two photos from a past event that gives you an idea of what to expect of the ATWS 2023 Partner Networking Space. Power will be provided to your partner networking table in the form of a Japan-standard 100V type B three-prong power plug with two outlets (please note, however that type A two-prong plugs are most common in Japan particularly at your hotel). You will need to bring your own adaptors since the voltage in Japan is different from North America (120V), Central Europe (230V) and most other regions of the world: more information is provided in the section labeled "Electrical Power and Audio Visual (A/V) Needs". Up to 1.5 kilowatts (kW) of usage is provided to you at no cost. If electricity consumption is more than 1.5kW, electrical work will be required at the exhibitor's expense.

If you anticipate using an exceptional amount of power or if you are interested in renting additional furnishings or A/V, please contact Kunitaka Sato at [email protected] as soon as possible and no later than 10 August. Available equipment can be viewed here

Set-Up: We recommend that you set up your partner networking table (or lounge if you have a lounge partnership) on Sunday, 10 September from 3:00pm - 6:00pm or on Monday, 11 September from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.

Tear-Down: We recommend that you tear down your partner networking table (or lounge if you have a lounge partnership) on Thursday, 14 September from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.

Photos © ATTA / Hassen Salum

Shipping / Storage / Customs

If you are shipping items for the ATWS 2023 event to the Sapporo Convention Center (SCC) for events, and/or Partner Networking Tables, please carefully review shipping details below.

Timing: There is no pre-event storage at the Sapporo Convention Center, so if you are able to bring your marketing materials with you personally, that is preferred.

If you must ship, we recommend that you send all items via courier service free of any charge (including customs clearance charges and VAT) to your own hotel, and bring it with you to the Sapporo Convention Center when you set up your exhibitor space. Be sure to confirm that you can receive parcels at your hotel. 

If your hotel does not allow receipt of packages, please contact Kunitaka Sato at [email protected] with the size, number, and weight of the packages to be shipped and he will assist with alternative options.

Goods left at the Sapporo Convention Center that have not shipped out by 15 September after the event will be disposed of.

Sapporo Convention Center will separate the rubbish with an aim to recycle as much of it as possible.

Depending on where you are shipping your items from, please look into the assistance of a customs broker.


Electrical Power and Audio Visual (A/V) Needs

Power will be supplied to your partner networking table (see section "Partner Networking Space" above). If you have a lounge partnership, power will be provided in the form of a Japan-standard 100v type B three-prong power plug (see image) with two outlets (please note, however that type A two-prong plugs are most common in Japan particularly at your hotel). Up to 1.5 kilowatts (kW) of usage is provided to you at no cost. If electricity consumption is more than 1.5kW, electrical work will be required at the exhibitor's expense. No power is available for the marketplace tables.

Note that the standard voltage in Japan is 100V, which is different from North America (120V), Central Europe (230V) and most other regions of the world. Remember to bring your own adapter if your devices do not have plugs that are compatible. PC adapters are made to withstand currents of around 100V~240V. 

If you anticipate using an exceptional amount of power or if you are interested in renting additional furnishings or A/V, please contact Kunitaka Sato at [email protected] by 10 August. Available equipment can be viewed here

Business Center

Standard size printing such as A4 size, and up to 50 business cards can be printed at the Sapporo Convention Center. Please stop by at the Host Partner Registration Desk. For larger size or larger quantity printing, printing companies in the city center will be provided at the Registration Desk.

For further information, please contact Mr. Sato, EC Inc. at least 3 weeks before the event at [email protected]

Other helpful information:

    Marketplace Sessions

    Session 1: Wednesday 13 September, 9:00 - 12:00 hrs

    Session 2: Wednesday 13 September, 13:30 - 16:30 hrs

    Marketplace is designed to connect outbound Tour Operators and Travel Advisors (Buyers), who sell adventure experiences, with inbound adventure suppliers and destinations ready to help build new and unique itineraries to deliver amazing experiences for adventure travelers around the globe. Destination Marketplace tables also offer in-person meetings with representatives from partnering tourism boards from their nations, regions and cities.

    The Summit Marketplace is structured to provide you with up to eleven meetings, each twelve minutes long, long enough to make a good connection and short enough to maximize your opportunity to meet a variety of potential partners. 

    Ratings for your pre-scheduled meetings will open on the event platform in July. At that time, buyers will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for the specific suppliers and destinations they want to meet with. Suppliers and destinations will also have the opportunity to request specific buyers to meet with during the same selection period.

    After the selection period closes, ATTA’s matchmaking process takes over to best match each participant's requests and maximize schedules while balancing schedules to provide equal opportunity for all. With over 15 years of experience running Marketplace events, we have fine tuned our formula to help forge hundreds of new and prosperous partnerships.

    Your list of appointments will be provided to you via the event app. Our team strives to fill as many open meeting slots as possible with the potential partners you have selected in our pre-event matchmaking process, however, your success depends heavily on you: it is imperative for you to "do your homework" and explore who is coming before we open the platform so that you are fully prepared and know with whom you wish to meet when the platform opens.

    For partners with a Marketplace table partnership, delegates will come to meet with you at your table during the Marketplace session. You will be assigned to either the morning, or afternoon session, not both. Your Marketplace table is an opportunity to showcase your brand and we encourage the use of branded table cloths, table-top flags and the like. You will be provided the exact location of your table and may set up your table one hour before the start of the event. ATTA staff will be there to greet you and show you to your table. Your table will be a rectangular table 180cm x 60cm x 70cm (height) / 71in x 24in x 28in (height), equipped with four chairs per table. Unless ordered by you ahead of time, there is no guarantee of electrical power outlets by your table. See above section: “Electrical Power and AudioVisual (A/V) Needs”. Please be sure to have your table set up by 8:30 hrs for session one and 12:30 hrs for session two.

    Other networking opportunities at the event: 

    • Day of Adventures (Monday 11 September): Now open for registration. This is the best way to break the ice with the rest of the delegates. See the list of who is attending each adventure and join the one on which the people you want to meet with are on. Use the time to also meet people who you do not know - keep in mind that they could be your “advocates” to introduce you to others. 
    • Partner Networking Tables: Throughout the event
    • Meet Me area: ATTA sets up a special area in the lobby, near the ATTA registration desk, for all of the delegates where you can easily schedule to meet another delegate, using the event platform during all the days of the event.
    • Event platform: Direct messages with other delegates before and during the event.
    • Lunches/dinners, coffee breaks, informal gatherings etc.
    • Use the ATTA HUB: Post in the groups of activities or events you are mostly interested in meeting people from and introduce yourself prior to the event or after.

    A few important notes:

    • Marketplace sessions will be assigned and communicated to you via the event app. in late August.
    • Marketplace tables are sold out. If you do not have a Marketplace Table as part of your partnership, please follow the general instructions for this session, here

    Marketplace Timeline

    26 JULY - 16 AUG: Marketplace participants (ONLY) will receive access to our networking app, ATTA Compass, to create your profile and rate other attendees (Must Meet, Meet, No Thanks).

    17 AUG - 21 AUG: We will create and deliver a provisional pre-matched schedule of appointments for you.

    21 AUG - 29 AUG: During this phase you can request changes to your provisional schedule.

    29 AUG: You'll receive your finalized schedule with all your Marketplace meetings. At the same time, the Live Networking Phase starts, giving all delegates the opportunity to schedule meetings outside of Marketplace. Networking app opens to all delegates.

    AT THE EVENT: This year we will have two sessions of Marketplace, one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon. The suppliers will participate in only one of the two sessions. Your schedule and table number will indicate in which session you will participate:

    • Marketplace Morning Session is 9:00 - 12:00
    • Marketplace Afternoon Session is 13:30 - 16:30

    We will also have a help desk on-site to answer your questions on the day of the marketplace. You can visit our event's marketplace section for more information.

    Traveler Information

    Please reference the ATWS 2023 traveler information page for any questions related to lodging, transfers, health and safety.

    Quick Links to Additional Helpful Information

    See who else is attending. If you do not see your name listed, please submit the ATWS 2023 registration form. If your company is an exhibiting event partner, be sure to select "event partner" under "company type".

    Day of Adventure  is open for registration until 21 August. You only need your ticket number to book your Day of Adventure.

    ATWS 2023: Summit Orientation Webinar

    ATWS 2023: Event Preparation Webinar for Exhibitors/Partners and presentation slides

    Need a Visa support letter? Please fill out this form and our team will send it to you within 5 business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Traveler Information

    Marketplace Details


    Change and Cancellation Policies:

    After an event partnership agreement has been signed, ATTA begins the promotion and inclusion of the event partner in the event marketing, and the partnership is no longer available to be sold to other destinations.  In the event a partner must cancel their event partnership agreement, the partnership cost may be transferred to a future event as account credit, less the following fees:

    • 120+ days before the event: 5% fee deducted from account credit
    • 90-120 days before the event: 10% fee deducted from account credit
    • 60-90 days before the event: 25% fee deducted from account credit
    • within 60 days of the event: 50% fee deducted from account credit

    An account balance due will be added to partners who cancel but who have not yet paid for their partnership fee. 

    Registration/Marketplace Table Change and Cancellation Policies for Event Partners:

    • Registrations/Marketplace tables that are included in the partnership agreement are not refundable and not transferable to future events.
    • At least one registration needs to be named 60 days before the event (14 July), or the ticket will be released (please contact ATTA in advance if you have a special request around this). 
      • Remaining tickets need to be named 15 days before the event (27 August)
    • ONE (1) name transfer per ticket is allowed up to five (5) days before the beginning of the event. Outside of this, a special 50% of regular event transfer fees apply.
      • ATWS: standard fee is $225 (partners pay $110)

    • Registrations/Marketplace tables that are purchased in addition to the registrations included in the standard partnership package (additional registrations beyond the standard package, including bulk purchase packages) include:

    • The option to make changes up to the day of the event with the following stipulations:
      • 120 days or more before the event (before 14 May, 2023): refund back in the original form of payment
      • Between 45 and 120 days (14 May - 28 July): account credit will be issued (without a fee)
      • If tickets and AdventureExchange tables are not named within 45 days (by 28 July), these will be released and funds will be issued as account credit less an admin fee:
        • 10% admin fee automatically deducted from the account credit issued
    • ONE (1) business/attendee name transfer is allowed per ticket up to five (5) days before the beginning of the event. Outside of this, a special 50% of regular event transfer fees applies to event partnerships:
      • ATWS: standard fee is $225 (partners pay $110)

    If the in-person event must be moved to a virtual format due to Covid-19 related restrictions or force majeure, the ATTA will continue to host the long-awaited event utilizing its digital platform. Partners will continue to receive all benefits that can be done digitally - ie stage time, virtual networking tables (booths), marketing exposure pre/during/post event, etc. The ATTA will reduce the agreed upon partnership cost by 50% if the event will happen virtually instead of in-person. The remaining 50% of the paid/agreed upon partnership fee may be either refunded, saved as a future credit, or used for another product or service with the ATTA immediately. The partner may choose which option they prefer for the remaining 50%. 

    Event Hashtags

    Event: #ATWS2023

    Destination: #JapanAdventure #JapanNature 


    Please reach out to your ATTA Regional Partner Manager if you have any additional questions.